A Message from President Kaler: Nov. 10, 2023

This message is endorsed by more than 40 of our Distinguished University Professors, who join President Kaler and his administration in calling on the campus community to embrace our core values and engage in civil and nonthreatening discourse and actions. 

To Our Faculty, Staff and Students:

Fighting continues between Hamas and Israel with the heartbreaking loss of the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians. The conflict has come to our campus in many ways, with students, faculty and staff feeling unsafe and under stress, including and particularly our Jewish and Muslim colleagues and friends and those with connections to the region. 

To be clear, we have no tolerance for antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism or hatred of any form at Case Western Reserve University. While we uphold freedom of expression, we do not tolerate words and phrases that are antisemitic, Islamophobic or racist. Our speech and actions should never make anyone feel unsafe, and this includes using threatening, intimidating and/or harassing tactics, images or symbols. In that regard, please be mindful as you curate information that informs your views and how you express yourself. 

This university must be a place where different ideas, people and cultures learn from each other. I also believe that the core values we share as members of this campus community far outweigh what we see differently. Though we may not always agree, we should agree to be supportive, truthful and caring. 

If any person or group has been threatened with physical violence, please contact Public Safety. For students, faculty and staff in non-emergency situations who may feel physically unsafe or threatened, please contact Captain Adam Gilmore in the CWRU Police Department directly at 216.368.4491 or axg1494@case.edu or the general CWRU police non-emergency number, 216.368.3300. For all emergency situations, individuals should immediately call the CWRU police emergency number at 216.368.3333.

If any member of our community faces discrimination or harassment, please immediately report it to the Office of Equity at 216.368.3066 or equity@case.edu. For support after hours call or text 216.327.4160.

Finally, I know the emotional toll from current events can be heavy. I remind you that those in need should not hesitate to reach out to CWRU’s free counseling services at any time, day or night. Students can reach University Counseling Services at 216.368.5872 or online at CWRUCare; faculty and staff counseling services are available through IMPACT solutions, the university’s Employee Assistance Provider, at 800.227.6007 or myimpactsolution.com.

Additionally, our caring and excellent University Health and Counseling Services’ staff developed this document, which encourages all members of the community to heed their own emotions and take care of themselves. It also includes guidance for faculty and staff to support students who are coping with stress and anxiety, as well as how to identify those in need.

These are difficult times. We will get through them. We are stronger together. 

Eric W. Kaler