Property and Theft Insurance

Case Western Reserve UniversityThe University has a Property Insurance Policy which provides insurance coverage to University property in circumstances when the physical loss or damage is the direct result of a covered loss in conjunction with the specific terms and conditions stipulated in the University's Insurance Policy. The Policy would cover repairs or replacement of the property whichever is deemed approriate. Personal property is not covered under the Property Insurance Policy. If a loss occurs, please contact Laura Corrigan, Manager, Risk & Insurance Programs, at or 368.4394 in order to determine if coverage is applicable.

The University does not carry an insurance policy for theft of portable equipment. The Office of Risk Management and Insurance offers a self-insured insurance program for theft of portable university equipment, referred to as a Floater's Policy. Departments may choose to insure their portable equipment for theft for an annual premium of 75 cents per $100 value. In order to insure your equipment, please send an email to Laura Corrigan at Please include the type of equipment, model, serial number, date of purchase and purchase price, as well as a speedtype number for billing purposes. There is a $250 deductible associated with reimbursement under this policy.

A security report is necessary for reimbursement on any insurance claim. Prior to reporting a claim, whether for property damage or theft of portable equipment, contact CWRU Police at 368.3333 in order to have a security report completed.