Workers' Compensation

Cropped image of an injured worker on a crutch meeting with doctors and the company representative

Workers' compensation is a federally and state mandated program under which employees receive medical and wage replacement benefits for injuries or occupational illnesses sustained in the course of or arising out of an employee's employment. Anyone who is paid through the university's payroll and working on behalf of the university is eligible for workers' compensation.

If an employee sustains an injury/illness in the scope of his/her employment, the injured employee should complete the "Occupational Injury/Illness Report,” have it signed by their supervisor and forward it to the attention of Dina Leinweber in the Office of Risk Management and Insurance. The completed form can be sent via fax 216.368.5481 or email at

Once a determination has been made as to whether the claim has been certified, medical invoices will be processed. Compensable time off begins when the employee's "Physician of Record" completes the appropriate form disabling the employee from work for seven (7) consecutive days. Please contact Laura Corrigan, Manager, Risk and Insurance Programs, at 216.368.4394 or or Dina Leinweber, department assistant, at 216.368.1547 with any questions.