Líderes Avanzando

lideres avanzando 2020-21 cohor at the giant cleveland sign

As part of Somos CWRU and in collaboration with Cleveland’s Esperanza organization, Líderes Avanzando is designed specifically for Latinx students who could benefit from a more culturally aware, hands-on approach to navigating a highly competitive institution. The focus is on students who do not have an established academic or professional support system built into their networks.    

Program Information

The goal of Líderes Avanzando is to enhance the CWRU undergraduate Latinx experience by combining student support and cultural awareness with the intent to address institutional gaps and increase retention, persistence, and completion.

Through the program participants are matched with a faculty/staff, alumni and Latinx peer mentor. Opportunities are provided for participants to enhance academic skills, build self-efficacy, explore career interest, prepare for career opportunities, and to learn from professional and academic Latinx mentors. For an example of activities included in Líderes Avanzando, consult the 2020-21 program brochure and the 2020-21 program calendar (please note: some program details may have changed due to the university's protocol in response to COVID-19).

For more information about Líderes Avanzando, contact Gina Maldonado-Powers, assistant director of Student Advancement.

Participant Application Details

The 2021-22 Líderes Avanzando cohort is currently in progress.

Details about applying to the 2022-23 cohort will be available in early 2022.

Becoming a Mentor

As a faculty or staff mentor, your relationship with your mentee will help form their first year student experience. Your role is important and we value your commitment to help the Latinx community thrive at CWRU.

Mentor Application Process

  • Fill out the mentor application form
  • Attend an online 30-minute program introduction session
  • Participate in mentor/mentee matching

Mentor Expectations

  • Reach out to your mentee at least once per month for no less than one hour
  • Build a  relationship with your mentee through conversation
  • Help your mentee explore their interests
  • Provide helpful feedback
  • Be honest and authentic
  • Complete monthly progress updates  

Thank you to our mentors!

Faculty/Staff Mentors Alumni Mentors Student Mentors
  • Alejandro Martinez, Residential Community Director, Residence Life
  • Angela Miller, Director,  Study Abroad
  • Cristian Gomez-Olivares, Faculty, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Damaris Alpizar-Punales, Faculty and Chair, Hispanic Studies
  • Diana Ramirez Bergeron, Faculty, School of Medicine
  • Edna Fuentes Casiano, Research Assistant, Psychiatry
  • Francisca Garcia-Corbian Richter, Research Faculty, Mandel School
  • Greg Harris, Senior Associate Dean, Dean of Students Office
  • John Flores, Faculty, History
  • LaTasha Timmons, Assistant Director, Student Advancement
  • Liana Carroll, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Martina Croft, Business Manager, Student Success
  • Robert Solomon, Vice President, Office for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity
  • Alejandra Quintana De La Torre
  • Alberto Gonzalez Campos
  • Aliah Baez
  • Alice Valentin-Torres
  • Andrew Torres
  • Diana Rosales
  • Elsa Vera
  • Esmeralda Terrazas
  • Freddy Arce
  • Hiram Cortez
  • Justine Bernacet
  • Lynsey Rosales
  • Margo Schmiederer
  • Omar Gutierrez
  • Salena Torres
  • Victoria ElHayek
  • Xavier Murillo
  • Yurena Burgess
  • Alex Berrum-Navarrete
  • Alyssia Brocano
  • Ambar Solis-Fuentes
  • Andrea Beltran
  • Camilo Beltran
  • Catalina Beltran
  • Catherine Mohme
  • Eduardo Williams-Medina
  • Emily Munoz
  • Fatima Rahman
  • Guillermo Fiallos-Gonzalez
  • Iran Susa
  • Luis Tirado
  • Nancy Gonzalez
  • Richard “Ricky” Gilmore-Vega
  • Vianni Bustos
  • Yoshmar Pinal-Alfaro
  • Zain Khawaja

Additional Program Information

Program History

Somos CWRU, is a committee that was formed in fall 2018 to help address the needs of our Latinx student population. Through Seed Sprint grant funding, this group, which is composed of faculty, staff and students, is working to increase awareness across our campus and among our stakeholders regarding the rising numbers of Latinx in higher education both overall and at CWRU.

For the next year, Somos CWRU researched best practices and compiled information from surveys and focus groups conducted with Latinx alumni and Latinx students. The results were presented to the Case Western Reserve community in May 2019.

Somos CWRU then collaborated with community partner Esperanza Inc. to adapt the Unidos US Líderes Avanzando program for the CWRU student population. A second Seed Sprint grant was awarded to fund the first cohort of students to participate in the 2020-21 Líderes Avanzando at CWRU.