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America's First Regional Theatre: The Cleveland Play House and Its Search for a Home
by Jeffrey Ullom, PhD, assistant professor of theater (Palgrave Macmillian, hardcover, $90)
To write his book, Ullom combed through 1,300 boxes of Play House archival material, exploring the rich history of the theater since its founding in 1915. Ullom details the theater's struggles with finances and explains how community support helped the Play House survive and earn distinction as the country's oldest regional theater.

A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 3: The Storm Clouds Descend, 1955-1957
by Melvyn Goldstein, PhD, the John Reynolds Harkness Professor of Anthropology (University of California Press, hardcover, $75)
In the third volume of his History of Modern Tibet series, Goldstein focuses on the years 1955 through 1957. This critical period in the nation's history saw myriad significant events, including a Tibetan uprising in Sichuan Province, the emergence of Jenkhentsisum—a Tibetan anti-communist group—and more.

The Origin of Ideas: Blending, Creativity, and the Human Spark
by Mark Turner, PhD, professor of cognitive science (Oxford University Press, hardcover, $29.95)
In this book, Turner introduces the concept of "advanced blending"—the ability of humans to take two or more ideas and create a new idea in the "blend." Turner explains that this evolutionary advancement distinctly separates humankind from animals and leads to human innovation.

Facilitating Resilience and Recovery Following Trauma
edited by Norah Feeny, PhD, professor of psychology, and Lori Zoellner, PhD, professor of psychology at University of Washington (Guilford Publications, hardcover, $45)
This book takes an in-depth look at research on resilience and recovery, focusing on implications for trauma treatment and prevention. Contributing experts examine why some trauma survivors are resilient, while others may suffer from mental health problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, that prevent them from moving on from the trauma to a more normal life.

The Story Hour
by Thrity Umrigar, PhD, professor of English (HarperCollins Publishers LLC, hardcover, $25.99)
In Umrigar's latest novel, a psychologist blurs the line between therapist and friend. Her desire to empower a patient leads to a close friendship between the two. But as both women begin to share their secrets, their bond is tested, and each is forced to make difficult choices. —JAMES CORRIGAN

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