xLab Introduces its Spring 2022 Projects

The xLab student project teams are working on two exciting, but very different projects this semester—one building on research from last semester for Hyland Software, and the other a research project about service robots in the restaurant industry. The students chosen from our application process will bring their talents and unique experiences to their assigned projects. Each multidisciplinary team of students is led by a Weatherhead School of Management graduate student, as well as a project coach from outside the university.

Hyland Software Project Team

One of our projects this semester is a continuation of our fall semester project with Hyland Software. The team at Hyland was so pleased with our team’s backend integration efforts last semester that they committed to continuing the project into phase two this semester. By integrating Hyland’s blockchain technology and Dataswift’s Personal Data Account technology, our students are implementing a privacy-preserving self-verifiable credentialing solution. The next phase is completing user research and implementing end-to-end user experience design for both students and end-user organizations. During the semester, the students will also learn about legal issues regarding transferring and ownership of data.

Restaurant Service Robots Research Project

Our second team will be leading a research project for a global electronics manufacturer to test the business viability of deploying service robots in the context of front-stage service delivery in restaurants. The students will conduct interviews with the management and staff from a variety of different types of restaurants—including catering, counter service, and mid-level, table-service restaurants and bars. Research from these interviews will culminate in a workshop with a restaurant set up where the restaurant staff can test the robot in practice.