Re-Imagining Digital Futures for Everyone

xLab engages with industry partners to develop knowledge and talent for responsible digital innovations. Working with a team of multidisciplinary students, faculty, and other centers throughout the University, xLab develops responsible technology frameworks and tools, and works with its company partners to design new digital innovations for products, services, and business models.

Together with its partners, xLab conducts engaged scholarship to develop new architectures and solutions that remove technical barriers to sharing sensitive data without violating individuals’ rights and ownership. We design innovative digital products and services that do not violate users’ trust and respect their rights and dignity. We recognize the importance of sharing value created by harnessing data and content created by users and partners and develop ways to ensure fair and transparent ways to share the benefit of the digital economy.

Domains of Expertise

Responsible Digital Innovations Designing human-centric new digital products and services and business models built on ethical principles
Decentralized Digital Architecture Developing technical frameworks for person digital identity and data ownership and portability in verifiable, scalable, and responsible ways
Transformation Helping organizations to transition to new organizing of digital value loop built on ethical and responsible digital solutions
Decentralized Machine Learning New architecture of machine learning without relying on centralized data cloud

Key Focus Areas

Graphic of a heart beat and a hand monitoring the heart beat


Creating portable, private, and verifiable tokenized health data pass to improve outcome, reduce cost, and increase access

Graphic of student in cap and gown with diploma on smart phone

Education & Economic Mobility

Designing distributed private self-verifiable credentials for better education opportunities

Graphic of a line chart trending upwards


Creating a trusted technology framework and governance model to promote sustainability and accountability with verifiable trace data sharing

Graphic of someone shopping online

Digital Commerce

Creating decentralized platform to better match individuals’ needs with offerings