xLab to Partner with HAT-LAB to Champion Ethical Innovation in Personal Data

In a memo of understanding (MOU) signed today, the HAT Community Foundtation (HCF) established intentions to create a program to bring ethical innovation in the use of personal data to North America by exploring the establishemnet of a HAT-LAB at xLab at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

xLab focuses on helping legacy companies realize digital transformation. Establishing HAT-LAB North America will introduce HCF’s world-leading expertise in the ethical use of personal data in the digital economy together with leading edge research tools and technology.

xLab will conduct various research, development and education programs on ethical innovation with personal data with its partner companies. HCF and xLab’s shared vision extends to the benefit of citizens, civil authorities, businesses and other organizations by empowering individual ownership of personal data.

The HAT (the Hub-of-All-Things) is an economic ecosystem of personal data accounts and exchange platforms. HAT Community Foundation, a not for profit enterprise, regulates the ecosystem on behalf of HAT owners and innovates the open source technology on which HAT is built. 

Professor Irene Ng, HAT-LAB Director, says “digital transformation is accelerating and the smart, ethical analysis of citizen owned and controlled personal data will be central to the new digital economy. With HAT-LAB we have a leading perspective on how digitally-enabled citizens can drive economic growth and with HAT a unique platform for development. HAT-LAB’s mission is to enable innovation and growth in the HAT ecosystem for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.”

“Our association with xLab will directly bring the benefits of HAT to North America and to xLab’s clients for digital transformation in particular. We are particularly excited about the idea of developing civil applications.”

“xLab is committed to help legacy companies with their strategic needs for digital innovation,” said Youngjin Yoo, founder of xLab and the Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor in Entrepreneurship at the Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve. “Ethical innovation with personal data is the foundation of virtually all forms of digital innovations in almost in all sectors with whatever specific digital technology you use whether it is AI, big data, IoT, or wearables. I am excited to work with HAT-LAB and work with others on campus for ethical innovation of personal data.”