Student Opportunities

xLab is pleased to facilitate several courses available to Case Western Reserve University students through Weatherhead School of Management. 

Digital Transformation Courses for Fall 2022


Digital Innovation Project (BTEC 400 / CSDS 601)

Digital Innovation Project is a project-based course that is organized around a client project brief. This is a unique opportunity for a multidisciplinary team of 6-8 students to learn how to conceive, design, develop, and present a novel digital innovation project idea, by working on a client-sponsored real-life digital innovation project for an xLab client. Students are expected to learn skills in project management, design thinking, digital business models, agile development, presentations, and how to use industry standard digital design & development platforms & tools. The project will be managed as an agile project, following a scrum method. Client deliverables include: User Research Report, Design Report, and Prototype.

The student application for xLab's spring semester projects is open now! Applications are due by Dec. 1, 2022.