Access Services

Parking Information & Policies

1. Parking Procedures

Access Services manages the university's parking program and is responsible for implementing its policies and procedures. Case Western Reserve University is a member of the Central Parking Operation (CPO), which is managed by Standard Parking. We subscribe to the CPO general policies as stated in the Standard Parking brochure. All applicable policies are incorporated into the university's parking policy and procedures including violations, towing, appeals, and visitor parking. Our parking philosophy is to provide parking to Case Western Reserve faculty, staff, and students on a "first come, first served” basis. The overall objective is to fulfill the parker's needs in the most equitable and convenient manner within the constraints of available resources.

2. Parking Space Assignments

Faculty/Staff: Upon employment, faculty and staff are eligible to obtain a parking permit for the parking lot of their choice based on availability. Each employee is entitled to one permit. All permits are issued on a first come, first served basis.

Commuter Students: All commuter students are eligible for permits upon enrollment. They are assigned to various lots throughout the university's allocation. Returning students may reserve spaces for the fall semester before the end of the spring semester. Commuters may choose Fall Semester, Academic Year, or June 30 expiration dates. (NOTE: Academic Year permits are those that expire on the Sunday of Commencement in May. They are not valid after this date.)

Resident Students: Students who live in residence halls, south campus fraternities, or Magnolia House are assigned to spaces in designated resident lots. Assignments are made upon a confirmed housing assignment. Resident permits are sold for the academic year. Students living in residence halls during the summer must purchase a separate summer permit. Night/weekend permits are sold to students who only need to park after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays or all hours on weekends. These permits may be purchased with Fall Semester, Academic Year, or June 30 expiration dates.

Waiting Lists: If the desired lot is not available, faculty, staff, and students can place their names on a waiting list for the lot. Sign up is limited to one list. When a space becomes available, Access Services will contact the individual by phone or e-mail. Access Services will hold the space for two working days.

Faculty/Staff: Waitlists continue until all persons on the list have been given a spot in the desired parking lot.

Students: Waitlists are only good for the current academic year. A new waitlist starts every June.


3. Hangtags, Gate Cards, and ID Access

All who choose to park on campus must purchase a hangtag parking permit and display it on the rearview mirror of their vehicle(s). Lots with gate arms require the use of a gate card or a university ID card for access. Case ID cards are automatically programmed upon permit issuance for access to the assigned lot. Loss of a hangtag or gate card will result in a $25 replacement fee. The replacement fee for a continuous hangtag for a lot with Case ID access is $25, and $50 for those without Case ID access. Tampering with a hangtag may result in towing, a $100 fine, and  loss of parking privileges. Permits are transferable only to other vehicles owned by the permit holder or to rental cars.. Permit holders may not sell their hangtags to other individuals.

Departments may NOT pay for permits issued to those faculty and staff that are paid by University.

4. Carpooling

Carpooling is encouraged. A special carpool hangtag is issued to those who park in lots that require ID access. Contact Access Services at 216.368.2273 for more information on this program.

5. Accommodations for the Disabled


Adequate handicapped spaces shall be designated in all visitor lots in accordance with law. These spaces serve visitors with disabilities as well as employees and students with disabilities who use their vehicles to move about campus. All employees with disabilities who wish to park in university lots are provided a parking space in a lot of their choice to reasonably accommodate the disability. Other reasonable accommodations may also be made upon request. Faculty and staff must provide certification of disability obtained from the university's Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). Students must provide certification from the office of Educational Support Services (ESS).


A permit holder who finds it necessary to park in an area other than his or her assigned area may request a courtesy pass for closer parking. A non-permit holder may purchase a temporary permit in the lot that will best serve his or her needs for the duration of the disability. ESS provides certification for students who require temporary accommodation. University Health Services certifies faculty and staff for temporary accommodation.

6. Parking Enforcement

Standard Parking has primary responsibility for parking enforcement in all CPO parking lots. Case Western Reserve enforces campus parking violations on the grounds of the campus outside the immediate parking lots. All violations written by both agencies are subject to the procedures for Standard Parking violations.

7. Appeals Process

All violations may be appealed to Standard Parking. Standard Parking must receive the written appeal within 10 days of the receipt of the violation. Non-permit holders must include the amount of the penalty with the appeal as a bond. Permit holders are not required to post bond. The Standard Parking administrator reviews the appeal and rules on it. If an appeal is denied, the parker has the right to request a hearing by the Parking Appeals Committee.

8. Special Event Parking

Campus Services provides special event parking in university-owned lots for departments or outside organizations. Special event parking is usually restricted to after normal business hours.

Visitor Information Center Parking

The Visitor Information Center lot (located between Crawford Hall and Amasa Stone Chapel) is available for after hours special event parking. The lot holds up to 30 vehicles. Campus Services must approve use of the lot and the department arranging the event must hire an attendant (provided by Case Security/Campus Services). The VIC is usually available for functions in Amasa Stone Chapel.

9. Bus Services

Standard Parking operates a fleet of buses to provide free transportation service for employees, students, and visitors in the University Circle area. Established bus routes allow riders to travel from designated areas to central drop-off points. Visitors may use these public routes to reach various University Circle institutions. Service is provided approximately 18 hours per day, Monday through Friday, with reduced service on weekends and holidays. Bus route schedules and maps are available at various locations.

10. Courtesy Stamps

Policies and procedures relating to courtesy parking stamps can be found on the Human Resources website in the HR policy manual.

11. Garage Clearances

Lot 29Campus Center (Severance)7'0"
Lot 46E 118th (upper) NRV7'0"
Lot 46E 118th (lower) NRV8'2"
Lot 53Adelbert, Veale7'2"
lot 55(Permit Section) Medical School7'7"
Lot 55(Visitor Section) Medical School8'4"
Lot 54Ford Road6'6"

For questions concerning parking, contact Access Services at 216.368.2273

or e-mail Parking at