Access Services

Parking FAQ

Parking FAQ

Where is the Access Services office located?

  • Access Services is located in Crawford Hall on the ground level in Room 18.  Crawford Hall is located at 10900 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44106.

When is the Access Services office open?

  • Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Where can I park for free?

  • There is NO free parking on campus. Please contact us with questions regarding your parking options.

What information is required to obtain a parking permit?

  • Your license plate number, state where your vehicle is registered, the make and model of the vehicle are required.

How do I avoid waiting in line at the beginning of the semester for my parking permit?

  • You could purchase your permit online and have it mailed to you.

Where do I place my permit?

  • Your permit must be placed on your rearview mirror so it may be clearly viewed from the front of the vehicle.

Can I leave my car in the lot if I go out of town for a couple of days?

  • No. Vehicle storage is prohibited.

Can I park after hours in other lots or garages besides my assigned lot?

  • All CWRU permit holders can park in the following lots from 4:30pm to 7:30am on weekdays and 24 hours on Saturday and Sundays: 1A, 44, 46, 47 53 and 55 lower permit section only.
  • All CWRU permit holders can park in the following lots from 4:30pm to 7:30am on weekdays and 24 hours on Saturday and Sundays: 1A, 44, 46, 47 53 and 55 lower permit section only.
  • A separate access card is needed to gain entry into lot 53. A $10 deposit is required for an afterhours access card. The latest time you can enter the lot is 3:00am weekdays.

Where is visitor parking located?

  • Visitors may park in lots 29 (Severance Garage) located at 11001 Euclid Avenue, 53 (Veale Center) located at 2158 Adelbert Road, and 55 (Health Science Garage) located at 2242 Circle Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44106.

How can I add myself to a waiting list or check my waitlist status?

  • To view the waitlists you're on or add yourself to a waitlist, click here.

Who do I contact for special event parking?

Who do I contact about disability parking?

  • Employees with a short-term disability can contact University Health Services at 216.368.2745. 
  • Employees with a long-term disability can contact the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity at 216.368.8877.
  • Students with either a short- or long-term disability can contact Educational Support Services at 216.368.5230.

If I lose my parking permit or it is stolen, will I get a free replacement permit?

  • No. Parking permits are your personal property, just like books, calculators, and jewelry. To replace a lost permit you will have to purchase another one at Access Services. As for stolen permits, if you are the victim of a theft you should report the circumstances to Campus Police. If the permit is stolen off campus, we will need a police report from the jurisdiction in which the theft occurred. Depending on the circumstances of the crime, a stolen permit may be replaced free of charge.

How do I replace a parking permit and how much is the fee?

  • A replacement hangtag can be issued at Access Services. The cost are as follows:
         $25 fee for parking lots that are gated and require card access.
         $50 fee for parking lots that are not gated.

I lost my gate card.  How do I replace it and how much is the fee?

  • If you have misplaced your gate card, a replacement can be issued at Access Services. The cost for a replacement is $25.

My friend is leaving campus. Can I use his parking permit?

  • No. Parking permits are not transferable. Parking Permits are valid only when purchased from the university. Please notify Access Services at 216.368.2273 immediately if anyone attempts to sell you a parking permit. Such transactions are improper, and the parking permit is invalid, regardless of the price you pay for it.

Can I use a car cover?

  • No.

How do I obtain a Courtesy Parking Stamp?

  • If you would like to request a Courtesy Parking Stamp, complete the form. Once completed by a department head, send the form back to Access Services.

Where do I pay parking violations?

  • Parking violations can be paid in person at either Access Services or Standard Parking.  Violations can also be paid online here.

The elevator in the parking garage is not functioning properly.  To whom can this be reported?

  • Standard Parking is responsible for the maintenance of the parking garage elevators.  Contact Standard Parking at 216.791.6226.

Interested in carpooling?

  • You can get a parking card at Access Services. With a valid parking permit, a parking card allows you and those in your carpool to have access to the parking lot on one card for all to use.

Do you need a security/safety escort while on campus?

Need motorist assistance?

      As a courtesy to all valid permit parkers, Standard Parking offers the following motorist assistance:

  • Battery starts
  • Flat tire inflation
  • Emergency gasoline (at cost)
  • Lost vehicle assistance

      For assistance, contact Standard Parking at 216.791.6226.

 How can I update my vehicle information for Access Services?

  • To have your vehicle information updated, e-mail the new information (vehicle's license plate number, state of registration, year, make, model, and color of the vehicle) to

I have a drivers license from another country. Am I eligible to get a permit?

  • Yes.

Can I purchase a parking permit if I am on campus through a contracted temporary agency?

  • Yes. The minimum time frame to purchase a permit is 30 days. We generally do not sell temporary employee parking permits for more than 30 days because they are non-refundable.

Can a contractor working on a special project purchase a parking permit?

  • Yes. A request must come from your CWRU employer or contact. You will be required to have a Case ID card and will have to pay the current rate for that specific lot.

What do I do if I received a parking violation?

Please understand that absolutely no one enjoys getting a parking citation, but getting angry about it and being rude to people will not make it go away. If you get a parking citation you have three options. You MUST do one of these three options within 21 days of receiving the citation:

  • Pay the citation by mail using the envelope provided with the citation.
  • Pay the citation at Access Services or at Standard Parking in person.
  • You can pay the citation online by clicking here.
  • Contest the citation if you believe it was issued in error. You can do this by filing an appeal in writing to the Standard Parking Office.