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The New York Alumni Association is the oldest alumni organization affiliated with the university’s chapter programs. Formed more than 100 years ago, it covers the greater New York metropolitan area and boasts a proud tradition. The Association’s annual meeting welcomes all area alumni looking to get involved or contribute to alumni activities. Events include the association’s annual holiday celebration each December and the Summer Send-Off event welcoming the university’s newest students and families.

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Board Members

Alexander Harik (MBA '08)

Vice President
Rob Becker (CWR '01)

Sam Unger (DDS '68)

Lawrence Apolzon, (LAW '82)
Grace Bell (CWR'10)
Rob Becker, (CWR'01) (Vice President/Secretary, Membership)
Dara Berger (CWR'01)
Valbona Bushi (CWR '09, MGT '09)
Manjari Mimi Datta (LAW/MBA '96)
Andrew Impastato, (CWR '06)
Lee Koenigsberg, (CWR '58)
Ben Meck (CWR '09)
Amit Nihalani (MBA '03)
Peggy Raub (GRS '62)
Judy Strauss Schwartz, (CWR '74)
Sam Unger, (DDS '68) (Treasurer)
Charles Zivancev, (CWR '94)

Adrian Freeman (MED'29) Award

The Adrian Freeman Award is given by the New York Alumni Association to a graduate of the university. The criteria for giving this award is: The recipient is an alumnus of Case Western Reserve University who:

  • Has exhibited outstanding achievement in his/her field.
  • Has some identification with alumni, i.e., service to the university, returning to the university
  • Has contributed to the betterment of life in the New York Metropolitan Area.

This award is to be given every two to three years at the Annual Spring Meeting. A committee of executive board members will designate possible recipients for this award. The full board will vote on the committee's recommendation.


New York Alumni Association Membership Benefits

  • Members receive reduced registration fees for all local NYAA sponsored events.
  • Advanced communication and early bird ticket sales are available to members of the NYAA.

Becoming a Dues Paying Member

The cost of membership for the year is $20 for all alumni and partners of alumni.
Recent graduates are eligible for free membership in the year of their graduation and the following calendar year.
To become a dues paying member, you can mail in the NYAA Membership Form or pay online by visiting this site (please note a there is a transaction fee).

Your completed forms and check can be mailed to the following address:

P.O. Box 5571
New York, NY 10185-5571