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Blackstone LaunchPad

Date Released: 25 February 2015

Entrepreneurs, enterprise innovators and fans of Shark Tank are familiar with the purpose of an elevator pitch: Communicate the essential business proposition in the time equivalent to the average elevator ride.

Imagine that the senior executive responsible for deciding your budget increase proposal steps into the elevator with you as you are heading into your office. What would you say to help influence the decision in your favor?

The elevator pitch for the Case Western Reserve University Blackstone LaunchPad (BLP) is:

The CWRU Blackstone LaunchPad helps alumni and students turn ideas into products and services.

Nearly 400 individuals have registered and more than 70 alumni and student venture teams have been established since CWRU LaunchPad opened in 2012. Alumni and student teams have put rockets into suborbital space, created web apps, solved drug delivery and efficacy problems, improved health care record keeping, and developed wearable electronic devices resolving password security issues.

CWRU homegrown enterprises have enjoyed success in winning awards in regional, national and international business plan competitions. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised by CWRU entrepreneurs, from public and private sources. CWRU alumni and student ventures earn revenue and employ staff.

All of the BLP processes and services available to students on campus are accessible and available to alumni.

Imagine that you have an idea for a software application to better manage your schedule. You need a basic business plan. You’ll also be looking for organizational development, venture capital or intellectual property advice. BLP can assist.

Between content available online, connections to people and organizations, CWRU BLP staff help individuals and teams sort through the on-campus and wider network of resources alumni need as they consider moving from concept to launching their products or services.

Additionally, alumni often tell us they are looking for ways to connect more closely with the CWRU community. The CWRU Blackstone LaunchPad helps here, too. The skill, knowledge, experience, and network of an alumnus are invaluable to fledgling enterprises. Volunteering to mentor or advise venture teams is a very rewarding way to stay connected to your alma mater while participating in the challenges of startup mode. Helping others survive the rigors of (Shark Tank like) start-up mode offers special rewards.

Whether you are looking to lend a hand, or need an assist with your startup idea, the first step is to register with the CWRU Launch Pad: