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Ultrafast Intersystem Crossing Dynamics

Our research group investigate molecules that challenge conventional paradigms in photochemistry. One of such traditional views is that the rate of internal conversion (IC) is always larger than that of intersystem crossing (ISC). However, molecules can exhibit excited-state non-equilibrium dynamics when their singlet and triplet states are strongly coupled by spin-orbit interactions; the so-called strongly non-adiabatic regime. In these molecules, the distinction between singlet and triplet states is no longer well-defined and understanding their excited-state dynamics requires the use of ultrafast time-resolved techniques, high-level ab initio calculations, and mixed quantum-classical dynamics methods that model non-adiabatic and spin-orbit couplings on equal footing. Developing and refining a quantitative understanding of the excited-state dynamics in these molecules, has the potential to change comtemporary views on how we think about the photochemistry and excited-state dynamics in these molecules.

Non-Equilibrium Dynamics


Recent Publications

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