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Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Allergen Overview:

Case Western Reserve University & Bon Appetit take food allergies seriously. However, please be aware that the eight most common food allergens are present in Bon Appétit cafés. If you have a food allergy, it is important that you talk with the manager at your site about how to safely eat in our cafés. The managers and chefs are well-trained to help you with your food allergy needs. Since everything is cooked from scratch onsite, the chefs can tell you what ingredients are in a specific dish and make modifications if necessary. We are dedicated to providing the freshest, highest quality selections that are planned specifically for each of our sites. As a result, Bon Appetit does not operate from a corporate recipe book. So if you have concerns, our chefs and/or registered dietitian will be glad to work with you on your personal choices. 

Made without Gluten-Containing Ingredients:

For our guests with celiac disease or other gluten intolerances, we offer menu items that have been prepared without gluten-containing ingredients. To identify these options, look for items labeled “↓g”. These menus items are prepared using ingredients that do not contain gluten and steps are taken to manage the risk of cross-contact, but are prepared in an open kitchen environment. Please note that our menu items are not guaranteed gluten-free, as defined by the FDA, because we prepare and handle products containing gluten in our kitchen. Please speak with a manager or chef for café specific questions

Fribley Oasis:

Case Western Reserve University and Bon Appetit know how risky and potentially life threatening food allergies can be, which is why we have launched the new Oasis station at the Fribley Marche location. The Oasis station is specifically designed to handle a wide variety of food allergies by creating pre-made and custom order items without the use of top 8 allergens + gluten.  For more information, read Bon Appetit's flyer below.

 Oasis Station @ Fribley Marche

More to Know
  1. A meal "swipe" can be redeemed at a Dining Services location for a "meal swipe special" at participating retail locations up to 3 times a week.
  2. All-you-care-to-eat in the Dining Commons cost one meal swipe.
  3. Meal swipes and your CaseOneCard are non-transferable.