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Dining Services

On Campus Locations

On Campus Locations

Students at Case Western Reserve University have a variety of locations at which to eat! Students can start the day off with a made to order omelet at Leutner Commons.  They can enjoy a Jolly burger for lunch at the Jolly Scholar or grab and an afternoon snack at the Grab-It with their friends! They can even try the new menu at the Michelson & Morley restaurant. 

CWRU Main QuadMeal PlanCaseCash / CaseChargeCredit CardsTapingo
Einstein Bros. Bagels -Nord   X X  
Sages Cafe - Crawford Hall   X  
Cramelot Cafe - KSL Library   X X  
Tomlinson Marketplace P X X X
Grab-It - Sears Library X      
Central CampusMeal PlanCaseCash / CaseChargeCredit CardsTapingo
Bag-It X      
FedEx   X X  
Jolly Scholar P X X X
Michelson & Morley @ TVUC   X X  
TVUC - Melt University P X X X
TVUC - Naan P X X X
TVUC - Pinza's P X X X
TVUC - 8twenty6 P X X X
TVUC - Cool Beanz   X X  X
Health Sciences ComplexMeal PlanCaseCash / CaseChargeCredit CardsTapingo
BRBistro   X X  
BRB Cafe   X X  
WRB Cafe           X X X  
North CampusMeal PlanCaseCash / CaseChargeCredit CardsTapingo
Leutner Cafe X      
L3 Grill X X    X
The Den P X X  X
Starbuck's at NRV   X X  
Dunkin Donuts @ Uptown            P  X  X  
South CampusMeal PlanCaseCash / CaseChargeCredit CardsTapingo
Fribley Marche X      
Rough Rider Room X X    X
General CampusMeal PlanCaseCash / CaseChargeCredit CardsTapingo
Vending Machines   X  X  

X = Regular swipes usable at this location.

p = Portable swipes usable at this location.