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Emeriti are invited to participate in two major events – convocation and commencement – which mark the beginning and end of the academic calendar. While these hold the most respected space in an emeriti's calendar, other university activities are noted on the University Programs + Events calendar.

For those without academic regalia for convocation and commencement, staff in the Office of Emeriti Affairs can order it at no-cost.


Fall convocation is a formal celebration that opens each new academic year at Case Western Reserve University. It occurs in late August, during the first week of the fall semester, and stands as a bookend to commencement. The event begins with a procession of the university's leadership, faculty, emeriti, delegates and banner guard, in academic regalia, into Severance Hall. For more information on the event and the procession, visit convocation information.


Commencement celebrates the accomplishment of a new degree. It touches every segment of the campus community. Faculty march with the academic procession, marshals lead the way, trustees join the platform party, and volunteers make sure that everything comes together to make the celebration memorable. For more information on participation visit commencement information.