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Quikpay® Credit Card Processing


Beginning in the fall of 2007, the University is standardizing credit card processing across campus to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards and to improve the timeliness and accuracy of general ledger entries and reconciliation.

PCI standards were developed to protect consumers by ensuring that personal information remains secure and to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraudulent credit activity. Any organization which processes, stores or transmits credit card information must comply with PCI standards. Failure to comply may result in the organizations loss of credit processing privileges.

To ensure that the University is not open to potential liability related to identity theft or credit fraud, the University has enacted a PCI Compliance Policy, as well as a partnership with Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS), a Level 1 PCI compliant agency. NBS offers a secure, hosted credit processing solution called QuikPAY®. With QuikPAY®, credit card information is entered directly on a hosted site rather than on a campus hosted web page. This solution relieves the University of some of the burdens associated with PCI compliance. The QuikPAY® product also interfaces directly with our general ledger system nightly, so activity is automatically sent to the account of your choice, without the need for manual journal entries.