Special Notice to Retirement Plan B Participants

January 14, 2013

Federal tax laws require that all individuals who are eligible to participate in the Case Western Reserve University Plan B (the "Plan") and certain other individuals receive a "Notice to Interested Parties" regarding the Plan. The Notice is to be provided in advance of when the University will file an application with the Internal Revenue Service regarding the Plan. By way of filing such an application, the University will be asking the IRS to confirm the tax-favored status of the Plan. The Plan previously has received a favorable determination as to its tax-favored status, but a new determination is necessary at this time to ensure that amendments made to the Plan satisfy changes in the Internal Revenue Code. A favorable determination assures that the University's contributions to the Plan are not taxable income to you until they are distributed from the Plan. The Notice to Interested Parties can be accessed by clicking on this link: Notice to Interested Parties for Retirement Plan B. (pdf)

You have the right to request and obtain a paper copy of this Notice, or to print a copy of this Notice for your records.

  • To request a paper copy of this Notice, write to:
    Benefits Administration
    Case Western Reserve University
    10900 Euclid Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7047
  • e-mail benefits@case.edu
  • telephone (216) 368-6781

A paper copy of the Notice will be sent or provided to you as soon as administratively feasible following receipt of your request.