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Case Western Reserve University offers the opportunity for you to plan for your long-term security through retirement programs designed according to the overall compensation philosophy. As a part of the comprehensive compensation package, the university will automatically contribute to a retirement fund for eligible participants.

For more information, choose the appropriate plan below.

  • Plan A - Faculty, Executive and Senior Staff (salary grades 18 and above)
  • Plan B - Staff (salary grades 17 and under) with a hire date prior to July 1, 2015
  • Staff Non-Contributory Plan C - Staff (salary grades 17 and under) with a hire date on or after July 1, 2015

In addition, the university offers eligible employees the opportunity to make their own contributions to a supplemental retirement account. Plan A for faculty, executive and senior staff and Plan C-Matching for Plan B and Plan C eligible staff employees regardless of hire date.

Options Available from TIAA and Vanguard