Retirement Plan

Exempt and Nonexempt Staff Employees

Supplemental Retirement Plan C provides the opportunity for staff to participate in this voluntary supplemental 403(b)(7) retirement plan which allows you to contribute either to a tax-deferred retirement plan with the university matching a portion of your contribution and/or to an after-tax Roth retirement plan with no university match. On your tax-deferred contributions the university will match 50 percent of your contribution, on (up to) the first 4 percent of your salary. Supplemental retirement contributions are limited by IRS maximum contribution allowance of $18,500 for 2018. Further details are provided in Staff Supplemental Retirement Plan C: Time to focus on your future.

Print the Plan C Staff Salary Reduction Agreement and Investment Election form (pdf).

Print the CWRU Employees Retirement Plan (Plan C) Summary Plan Description (pdf)

For more details view the CWRU Employees Retirement Plan (Plan C) document (pdf)