Alternative Reward Options

In tough economic times, it is more important than ever to find creative and affordable ways to reward and recognize your staff. We are often faced with requiring employees to do more work with fewer resources. Recognition is one way that you can maintain high morale and improve the climate in your department or area. While we often believe that increases in salary are the most effective method of rewarding employees, studies on employee satisfaction and engagement tell a very different tale. Almost 95% of people who report the highest morale at work agree that their managers are effective at recognition. Here are just a few examples of affordable and creative ways to recognize your staff:

  • Write a thank-you letter/email
  • Treat an employee to lunch or coffee/tea
  • Select one day each month as Employee Appreciation Day and provide snacks
  • Treat the team to a pizza party
  • Give an office "life saver" a bag of Life Saver candles
  • Include team members in decision making
  • Update area message boards to display public recognition
  • Create fun computerized certificates
  • Set up a flip chart in a common area to record "thank you" announcements
  • Give a long lunch pass