Notice of Intent

A competitive recruitment and selection process is being conducted and if a U.S. worker is not selected pursuant to this process, an Application for Alien Employment Certification may be filed on behalf of an alien to fill the job opportunity. Any person may provide documentary evidence bearing on the application to the Certifying Officer of the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Atlanta National Processing Center, Harris Tower, 233 Peachtree St., NE, Suite 410, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.  Candidates should apply at the office listed below.

Pursuant to the provisions of 20 CFR 656.10 (d)(3)(ii) and 20 CFR 656.10 (d)(5), notice is being provided as a result of the filing of an application for permanent alien labor certification for the position(s) described below:


Research Associate, Gastroenterology

Research the role of the receptor Fn14 in the development of intestinal bowel diseases (IBD), such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Study TWEAK/FN14 in a cytokine/receptor pair belonging to the TNF superfamily with functions in normal and pathologic tissue remodeling. Research to determine the role of TWEAK/FN14. Perform colonoscopies in order to detect ulcers, erosions and tumors in experimental murine models during a pharmacological research on inflammatory bowel diseases. Collect of tumor biopsies during colonoscopy and subsequent histopathological evaluation of the samples collected. Assist in extracting stem cells and growing intestinal organoids. Study of Multi-strain Clostridium diff. bacterium injection in mice with genetic predisposition for spontaneous leukemia (AKR/J) compared to mice prone to Crohn's disease (SAMP/YitFc) and control C57BL/6J. Research fecal occult blood test for experiment on mice affected by inflammatory bowel diseases. Collaborate with project studying colitis-associated cancer in SAMP/YitFc mouse model involving the assessment of serum tumor markers and PCR analyses on inflammatory markers. Conduct hormone panel blood test.

Requires a Doctorate’s Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology (or equivalent based on evaluation of academic credentials, training and/or experience) as well as twelve months in job or job related experience to include PCR analyses; fecal occult blood test for diagnosis of inflammatory diseases and Conducted Hormone Panel Blood Test and assessment of serum tumor and inflammatory markers.

Suitable combination of education, training and experience is acceptable. Experience may have been gained before, during and after degree. Full-time position at 40 hours/week, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Send resume to Alicia DePlatchett
Case Western Reserve University
Division of Gastroenterology & Liver Disease
10900 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106

Must ref job code LDMGC.