Notice of Intent

A competitive recruitment and selection process is being conducted and if a U.S. worker is not selected pursuant to this process, an Application for Alien Employment Certification may be filed on behalf of an alien to fill the job opportunity. Any person may provide documentary evidence bearing on the application to the Certifying Officer of the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Atlanta National Processing Center, Harris Tower, 233 Peachtree St., NE, Suite 410, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.  Candidates should apply at the office listed below.

Pursuant to the provisions of 20 CFR 656.10 (d)(3)(ii) and 20 CFR 656.10 (d)(5), notice is being provided as a result of the filing of an application for permanent alien labor certification for the position(s) described below:



Research Associate

Duties: The Research Associate at Case Western Reserve University (“CWRU”) in Cleveland, Ohio will work at the University Hospitals Case Medical Center on an optical coherence tomography system. He or she will work on specific aims outlined in the research grant. These aims will include optical design, hardware implementation, and software development. A main goal of the position is to produce first author papers and preliminary data for new grants. Specific duties of the Research Associate position include: developing new biophotonic research, producing a working high-speed optical coherence tomography system for imaging heart development; preparing manuscripts and conference presentations; staying up-to-date on the latest scientific papers related to the field; attending meetings with collaborators; researching and purchasing equipment and supplies needed for research experiments; and preparing grant proposals. The Research Associate will be responsible for training undergraduate researchers and less experienced researchers as needed

Requirements: Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering or related field and 2 years of experience building optical imaging systems or infrared stimulation. Experience to demonstrate knowledge of biophotonics, optical coherence tomography, infrared control, or developmental cardiology.

Salary:Commensurate with qualifications and experience ($42,328)

Contact: Dr. Michael Jenkins, Assistant Professor,

Worksite: Case Western Reserve University
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
11100 Euclid Ave., Wearn 505
Cleveland, OH 44106

This notice is posted in connection with the filing of an application for permanent alien labor certification. Any person may provide documentary evidence bearing on the application to the Local Office of the State Employment Commission and/or the Regional Certifying Officer of the Department of Labor:

U.S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration
Harris Tower
233 Peachtree Street, Suite 410
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Phone: (404) 893-0101
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