Employee Recognition - Staff Service Awards

Thank you for ten years of service in 2000!

    At the annual Staff Awards Luncheon, 83 staff members were recognized for notching their 10-year employment anniversaries at CWRU. Many of them are pictured above. This year's honorees are Joan H. Ainsworth (development); Cheryl L. Allis (medicine - UH); Claudia Anderson (undergraduate studies); Laura Lee Artwell (campus services); Patricia A. Bacevice (physics); Colleen Barker-Williamson (Thwing Center); Kathleen Bennett (custodial); Kimberly Y. Blackmon (housing and residence life); Yvonne Joyce Bonner (medicine - institutional development); Phillip Brown (provost's office); Thomas W. Cady (plant services); Betty Jean Capasso (controller's office); Marie Caputo (medicine - general internal); Ella Carr (medicine - institutional development); Annette Carter-Wilder (controller's office); Denise M. Caterinacci (modern languages & literature); William T. Conley (undergraduate admission); Mary Louise Connell (University Health Service); Laura M. Corrigan (facilities management and operations); Beverly Davis (University Bookstore); Eugenia Diaconu (ophthalmology); Diane Louise Domanovics (controller's office); Shirline W. Edwards (student affairs - medicine); Bernadette Erokwu (pulmonary/critical care); Dianne E. Felder (medicine - administration); Lisa Freebairn (pediatrics); Victoria R. Gindlesperger (reproductive biology); Gloria D. Griffin (infectious diseases); Parvin Hakimi (biochemistry); Darlene Hall (mail receiving & delivery); Kathleen Hall (purchasing); Peggy L.R. Harris (pathology); Louella Harvey-Hein (accountancy); David Hensel (dean's office - engineering); Jay Bruce Hilliard (pediatrics); Durecia Hopkins (financial aid); Carol Ann Horvath (purchasing); Barron L. Hulver (CWRUnet services); Antoinette Jones (dean's office - MSASS); Mary Jones (modern languages & literature); Felicite Katz (Medical Science Training Program); Carolyn P. Kelly (University Library); Mildred A.R. Kennedy (housekeeping); Martha Konieczkowski (medicine - MetroHealth); Lucila S. Licate (physiology & biophysics); Susan Jean Linson (development services); Marla Manning (infectious diseases); Delores A. Mathews (controller's office); Laurie Melville (controller's office); Marilyn Anne Messner (chemical engineering); John E. Molnar (University Library); Tracy Lee Mourton (molecular & microbiology); Sabira Mustaquim (controller's office); Jennifer Nieves (Health Science Library); Cynthia N. Norris (finance & planning); Maura O'Beirne-Stanko (Thwing Center); Littleton Organ (development services); G. Dean Patterson (student affairs); Cathleen Petelin (administrative information services); John J. Phillips (university attorney); Angela Pickens (psychiatry); James C. Polak (computer operations/AIS); Peggie Roberts (development - MSASS); Jocelyn Robinson (University Bookstore); Tena Tarler Rosner (Cancer Research Center); Lori Mella Rotar (physics); Jay Allen Ruffner (admissions - law); Ali Sayir (materials science & engineering); Audrey H. Schnell (epidemiology & biostatistics); Arlene Moore Sievers (University Library); Carolyn Lee Speaker (Law Review); Irene Grace Szmania (prospect research); Robert Tango (plant services); Deborah Trepka (budget & planning - nursing); Barbara J. Tubbs (residency & career planning- medicine); Cheryl Maria Urban (Animal Resource Center); Joyce Nancy Viscomi (development); James Edward Wheatley (plant services); Rochelle J. White (University Health Service); Suzette Williamson (dean's office - engineering); Jeanette Wilson (neurological surgery); and David Wright (law library).