Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I find out what jobs are available?

    All positions that are accepting applications/resumes are found on the Employment website. Applicants may choose from a variety of categories (i.e. clerical, research, administrative, etc.) located in the left column.

  2. How can I apply?

    Applicants may follow instructions located on the Employment website.

  3. Can I apply directly with the hiring department?

    For consideration, all interested applicants apply through Department of Human Resources.

  4. After I apply for a position, can I call the department where the opening exists to find out if I will be called for an interview?

    A representative of the university will contact you if an interview is desired

  5. Do I need to submit an application & resume for each job?

    You may apply by submitting a résumé and cover letter for each position for which you would like to be considered.

  6. How will I know you have received my résumé?

    If submitted through the HR Employment website, you will receive an email response indicating your resume has been received. For faxed or mailed resumes, receipt is verified by the Affirmative Action Applicant Survey, which is sent by the HR Department.

  7. How long do you keep applications on file?

    Applications remain on file for six months.

  8. Has the position I applied for been filled yet?

    Review the HR Employment website for posting status.

  9. Who is the supervisor of the position?

    This information is not available to applicants.

  10. When will I be called for an interview?

    Upon interest, the hiring department or a Human Resources Specialist will contact you to schedule the interview.

  11. What is a physical and health screening?

    This is determined according to the exposures in the position if a full physical or health screening is necessary; health screening is required to ascertain a base line, consist of, height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, vision, urine dip stick. Full physical procedure is the same, plus range of motion, balance, and lung peak flow meter. Additional requirements may be necessary determined by the position’s environment / risk.

  12. How do I get hired by Kelly Services?

    Our on premises temporary agency can be reached by:

    Phone: 216.368.4506
    Fax: 216.368.5245

Employment Termination
  1. I'm leaving the university, what do I need to do?

    If you are resigning from your position, employee should submit a resignation letter to his/her supervisor at least two weeks before your last day worked. Prior to leaving the university, the employee must return keys, ID, and parking decal to Access Services. (Short version)

  2. I'm leaving the university, what do I need to do?

    Upon notification of an employee's termination, the supervisor is to complete the Personnel Action Form and submit the form to the department’s management center within one workday. It should then forward to the Records department. (Per_Act.pdf )

    The supervisor should issue to the employee:
    • Employee Termination Checklist (#HR10040101)
    • Exit Interview form (#HR30110101). The opinions of departing employees are helpful to the university’s continuous attempt to improve, a Human Resources Specialist will contact employee to assist in completion.
    The Records office is responsible for:
    • Authorizing the preparation and release of the final pay in the form of a check upon receiving the completed Employee Termination Checklist.
    • The final paycheck will be issued no later than the next normal pay period.
    The Benefits Office of the Human Resources Department is responsible for:
    • Terminating the enrollment in the benefits program or for converting benefits based on the nature of the termination (retirement, death, etc). The Benefits Office is also responsible for notifying employees of their options with regard to COBRA and/or conversions to individual plans.
    The terminating employee is responsible for returning all equipment (including laptops), work materials, tools, research and notes and for reconciling outstanding expenses, fines and other expenses. The terminating employee is also responsible for returning keys, identification cards and a completed Employee Termination Checklist to the Records office, 220 Crawford Hall (LC: 7047).

Foreign Faculty & Scholars
  1. What must I do to hire a non-U.S. citizen potential employee?

    Please see the Foreign Faculty & Scholars.

Employee Relations
  1. Where can I find more information on the positive corrective action procedure?

    You can find additional information regarding positive corrective action on the Policies website.

  2. What is the Grievance procedure?

    The grievance procedure is the process for employees to utilize if he/she believes that Human Resources policies and procedures are not being properly applied to his/her situation or involuntary termination.

  3. Does Case offer any counseling services for staff?

    Yes. We offer counseling services through the Employee Assistant Program (EASE).

    Employee Assistance Service (EASE):

    Employee Assistance Service (EASE) is a voluntary private and confidential program provided through Center for Families and Children (CFC). This service provides counseling and community resources for benefits-eligible employees and family members to help identify problems and develop plans for resolution.

    EASE utilizes the services of over 40 licensed, credentialed counseling professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other trained counselors in over 30 Northeast Ohio locations. In addition EASE has a national counseling network with several hundred providers.
    To use the EASE Program, simply call 216-241-3273 or 1-800-521-3273. Your call will be immediately directed to counseling professionals. Staff is available and calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Employee Information
  1. What employee information is considered private and cannot be released?

    Personal Information such as salary, age, race, etc.

  2. Who do I contact to verify employment?

    The Records Department (368-3270).
  3. Can I review my personnel file?

    Yes, you will need to call the Records Dept at ext. 3270 and setup an appointment.

  4. How do I get my name/address changed in the system?

    You will need to submit a change of Personal Information form and submit it to the Records Department with supporting documents. This form can be downloaded from the HR Website under HR Forms.

  1. How soon after being hired do benefits go into effect?

    If your date of hire is on the first day of the month, benefits go into effect at the beginning of that month. If your date of hire is not on the first of the month, benefits go into effect at the beginning of the following month.

  2. Where can I find answers to specific questions about my benefits?

    Please email or call Benefits Administration at 216-368-6781.

  3. When can I add or drop a domestic partner?

    This activity must adhere to the criteria utilized for life events (i.e., loss or gain of domestic partner’s medical and/or dental coverage).

  4. When is the open enrollment period?

    Open enrollment usually begins on or around the second Monday in November and runs through to November 30th.

Flexible Spending
  1. How do I get money out of my spending account?

    You are reimbursed by submitting the appropriate claims form to Meritain Health, or you can use your MyBenny debit card to pay for eligible expenses.

  2. How long does it take to get reimbursed?

    Approximately 3 – 10 days. Checks are sent once a week so it depends upon when the claims were received by Meritain.

  3. Are charges reimbursed by billing date or date of service?

    Charges are reimbursed by date of service. Receipt or itemized bill showing date(s) of service, type of service and charge(s) must be attached to the claim form in order to receive reimbursement.

  4. How do I find out what my current available balance is?

    Contact Meritain at 877-801-1500

  5. Will my check be mailed to my home or be direct deposited?

    The check is mailed to your home.

  6. Where do I send the claim forms and receipts for reimbursement?

    Claims can be faxed to 716-541-6772 or mailed to Meritain Health, P.O. Box 22033, Lansing, MI 48909-2033

  7. What are the eligible expenses I could submit for Dependent Day Care?

    Qualified dependent care expenses – baby sitter, day care center, nursery school, after-school care, home health care worker, and care for eligible adult. For businesses, an EIN number will need to be provided. For an individual, a SS # will need to be provided.

Salary / Wage
  1. When is payroll cut off?

    Payroll cutoffs are located on the Payroll Website.

  2. If a classified employee works on a holiday, what is their rate of pay?

    Normal pay plus time and one half as long as they have completed a 40hr work week.

  3. Can I have my paycheck deposited to more than one bank account, i.e. part in savings & part in checking?

    Yes, you can up to 5 different accounts including the Credit Union.

  4. I cancelled my bank account, how do I get my money for payday?

    You will need to notify payroll by phone (x4290) or email prior to the payroll cutoff for that pay period. Your check will be mailed to your home address for that pay until your new deposit goes into effect.

  5. How do I change my tax forms or direct deposit information?

    Tax forms and direct deposit forms can be downloaded from the HR or Payroll website. Tax forms should be submitted to Records for processing, direct deposit can be sent to Records or directly to the Payroll Office for processing.

  6. When do I receive my W-2 form?

    W2s have to be postmarked by January 31st of the current year.

  7. I need to change my tax withholding. Can you send me a new tax form(s)?

    Yes, or they can be downloaded at the HR or Payroll website or downloaded directly from the IRS website.

Medical Insurance
  1. Do employees have vision coverage?

    Coverage is available through VSP or Union Eye Care.

  2. Do part-time employees get insurance?

    Minimum hour requirement for benefits eligibility: exempt – 20 hours per week; non-exempt – 18.75.

  3. Do employees have short-term disability?

    Employees in benefits categories 2 and 3 are eligible for STD. Employees in benefits categories 0 and 1 are not eligible for STD.

  4. Where are medical claim forms located?

    Conveniently located on the HR website under HR forms, or outside the Benefits Reception area located at 224 Crawford Hall.

  5. What type of funding is used for the University's health care plan?

    The University contributes varying amounts of money towards the purchase of selected benefits. The shared percentages are based on the number of hours worked per week, Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) employment status (exempt or non-exempt) and annual salary. Price sheets are available on the HR website for review.

  6. When does an employee meet the criteria for eligibility for COBRA?

    Once an employee falls below the minimum hours (18.75-non exempt, 20 hours-exempt); terminations, layoffs, children who reach age 26.

Making Changes to Plans and Coverage
  1. How do I find out what Benefits the University offers?

    Log onto the HR website and select Benefits. New plans are announced through mass emails or during the annual Benefits Fair.

  2. How do recently married employees add their spouse to health, dental, and/or vision plans?

    Complete the change of status form and attach a copy of the appropriate documentation. Documentation must be received within 30 days of the event.

  3. How do employees verify or change their life insurance beneficiary?

    Beneficiary information is available in employee’s benefit file only. Also, the life beneficiary form is located on the HR website for those that would like to make a change.

  4. How do employees make changes to their enrollment in the university health, dental, and/or vision insurance, or the medical/dependent care reimbursement accounts?

    First, changes must be requested as a result of a life event (marriage, divorce, spouse/equivalent gain/loss of insurance, birth/adoption of a child, change in status – part time to full or vice versa). For medical, dental, and vision changes, see response to previous question on adding spouse.

Tuition Waiver
  1. Does Case provide educational benefits for employees?

    Available benefits are Tuition Waiver and Tuition Reimbursement.

  2. What is the difference between Tuition Waiver and Tuition Reimbursement?

    Tuition waiver is utilized for course work taken at Case. Tuition reimbursement is utilized for job related course work taken at degree granting institutions other than Case.

  3. When can a Case employee begin to use the Tuition Waiver?

    Eligible employees must be hired by August 1 for Fall, January 1 for Spring, and June 1 for Summer.

  4. When does my spouse/domestic partner or dependent become eligible for tuition waiver?

    For spouse/equivalent, eligibility is the semester following one year of employment with Case. Dependent’s eligibility is the same as the employee.

  5. What must I do to receive the tuition benefit for myself, my spouse/domestic partner or dependent?

    In addition to registering for classes through the Student Information System:
    Employees must complete the tuition waiver form. Spouse/domestic partners must complete the tuition waiver form and provide a copy of their marriage certificate (first time only). Dependents must complete the tuition waiver form and provide proof of dependency each Fall semester.

  6. How often do you need to turn in a Tuition Waiver?

    Tuition waiver needs to be submitted each semester.

  7. How much tuition assistance will be provided for employees?

    Full-time employees may receive up to 6 credit hours in Fall and Spring semesters and up to 3 credit hours in Summer semester. The semester credit hours are prorated for part-time employees.

  8. How much tuition assistance will be provided for spouse/domestic partner and dependents?

    Spouse/domestic partner may receive eight (8) full time semesters or part-time equivalent up to 120 credit hours paid at 50% of the undergraduate tuition rate. Dependents may receive eight (8) full time semesters or part-time equivalent up to 120 credit hours. Full undergraduate tuition is waived. Graduate/Professional program tuition is waived at 50% of the undergraduate rate.

  9. When can I submit the Certification for Tuition Waiver?

    Tuition waivers are due no later than the first day of classes each semester.

  10. Do I have to pay tax on this benefit?

    Graduate level coursework is taxable. Check with Benefits Administration for currently available IRS exemptions.

  11. Can I receive tuition assistance if I go to a school other than Case?

    Yes. The educational benefit utilized for that scenario is Tuition Reimbursement.

  12. When is an employee eligible to receive tuition reimbursement?

    The employee must be employed as of the last day of the drop/add period for the semester or quarter as set by the College or University Registrar.

  13. How can I receive tuition reimbursement?

    Receive pre-approval by submitting a completed tuition reimbursement form, copy of course schedule, and a copy of the tuition bill paid in full. After successfully completing the course, submit a grade report to receive the reimbursement.

  14. How often do you need to turn in a Tuition Reimbursement?

    Tuition reimbursement needs to be submitted each quarter/semester as needed.

  15. How much tuition reimbursement will be provided for employees?

    Tuition reimbursement is limited to $2500 per fiscal year.

  1. What happens if an individual is not eligible for FMLA?

    The employee can seek permission from their immediate supervisor to go on an unpaid leave. If you are not eligible for FMLA benefits are not covered.

  2. Why do I need to fill out FMLA forms when I have sick leave?

    It is required by law.

  3. Where are FMLA forms located?

    Forms are located on the HR website under HR forms.

Sick, Vacation, other Leaves of Absences
  1. How do I accrue sick time?

    Sick time is accrued based upon your benefits category and years of service.

  2. How much vacation/sick leave do I have?

    The number of vacation days and sick days you have are based upon your benefits category and years of service.

  3. Do staff members earn sick leave while they are on Leave without Pay?


  4. When does my vacation accrual increase?

    Accrual amounts increase based on benefit category and length of service.

  5. What are the maximum vacation hours I can accrue?

    At the beginning of the fiscal year you can not carry over more then last year’s accrual.

  6. As a part-time employee, how long do I have to work before I can use vacation?

    Full-time and part-time employees who work half-time or more are eligible for vacation time. Vacation days for faculty are assumed within the term designated in each faculty member's appointment letter. Staff employees accrue vacation days monthly and may use them after the days are earned at any point during the fiscal year.

  7. I have been called for jury duty. What do I need to do?

    Provide your supervisor and Benefits Administration with supporting documentation with appropriate dates.

  1. At retirement can staff choose to have their vacation payoff deferred to the following calendar year?

    No. Once you retire, all vacation time is paid out.

  2. Does Case accept rollovers into the 403(b) retirement plans?

    Case accepts rollovers from compatible plans. Contact Benefits Administration for further information.

  3. What happens to the University's and my contributions if I leave the University?

    You may leave your funds in the account, roll them over to an IRA or cash out the account any time after termination (cash withdrawals may incur penalties)

  4. Can I make a withdrawal on my retirement account?

    If an employee has a financial hardship (must meet strict criteria – foreclosure, delinquent school bills, etc.), a request can be made to access funds. If approved, retirement account will be terminated for 6 months. Employee will have to re-enroll at that time.

  5. How do I withdraw my money at retirement?

    Employee should contact TIAA CREF or Vanguard directly to explore retirement options.

  6. What happens to my retirement account when I die?

    It becomes a part of your estate and will go to your designated beneficiary.

  7. When I terminate my employment with the University, what happens to the money I have in Plan C?

    You may leave your funds in the account, roll them over to an IRA or cash out the account any time after termination (cash withdrawals may incur penalties).

  1. Who do employees call if they have a question about their paycheck?

    Contact the records department.

  2. How are the salary ranges determined?

    Representative benchmark jobs that can be readily compared to the market are surveyed, and salary ranges are established to reflect the market rate. These ranges are adjusted annually in response to changes in the market place and the university's own budgetary constraints.
  3. Why does the university have salary range minimums and maximum?

    A minimum and maximum of a salary range are determined by market pricing jobs and represent the lowest and highest wage paid for a given position. This spread between the minimum and the maximum is less for the lower skilled entry level position. It expands in higher salary grades to reflect the increased complexity and responsibility of jobs, and the knowledge required.

  4. Are there different types of salary increases?

    Yes, there are three (please refer to the HR Policy Manual for procedures):
    1. Merit increases may occur annually if performance warrants and budget permits.
    2. Promotional increases are granted when an employee moves to a position in a higher salary grade. The amount of a promotional increase is determined by the employee's skills and experience, and departmental budgets.
    3. Equity adjustments may be requested if an individual salary is low in comparison to others doing the same or similar work within the university.

  5. How do you determine whether a job is exempt of nonexempt?

    The terms nonexempt and exempt refer to provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Nonexempt positions are subject to specific minimum wage, time keeping, and overtime requirements. Exempt positions are not subject to these regulations and typically fall into three categories: executive, professional and administrative. Job titles alone are insufficient measures for determining exempt status. Determination is made on the basis of job duties, job responsibilities and salary. At Case, exempt employees are paid monthly; nonexempt employees are paid semi-monthly.

Military Leave
  1. What should I do if I am called up to active duty?

    Complete the leave of absence paperwork, and must supply copy of military orders.

  2. What should I do if I supervise an employee that is called up to active duty?

    The employee should complete the leave of absence paperwork. We hold the position indefinitely.

  3. Is my Military Leave a paid or an unpaid leave?

    Two week pay is approved upon start of military leave.

  4. What do I have to do if I am taking a leave of absence?

    Initiate a Leave of Absence form and have your supervisor or department assistant complete and sign off on the form. If the leave is medically related obtain the Certificate of Health Care Provider form. If other than medical leave, provide the supporting documentation.

  5. Do I have to use my sick and vacation days?

    For a personal medical leave an employee must use first sick and then vacation days.
    For a family medical the 8 sick days are optional, however vacation days must be used first.
    An employee must exhaust their vacation days before commencing a personal leave.

  6. Do we have Short Term Disability?

    It is available to staff employees.

  7. How do I apply for Short Term Disability?

    Contact Benefits for the application. Benefits must have the loan form and the health care provider form before an application can be sent.

  8. When does time off become a leave of absence?

    After the employee has been out more than 5 consecutive days.

  9. When do I have to supply certification from a physician?

    After 5 consecutive days off for personal or family medical and for any intermittent leave.

  10. Do we have a maternity leave policy?

    No, it starts as a personal medical leave and turns into a parenting leave.

  11. If I am unpaid, how will I pay for my portion of benefits?

    Upon the employee’s return a pretax adjustment will be done.

  12. Who tracks my time in PeopleSoft while I am away?

    Your supervisor or department assistant.

  1. How does the University’s employment requisition process work?

    In reference to your requisition / hiring question, the links below take you to the employment policies and procedures (including necessary forms) and the Staff Salary Administration Policy. These links will explain the employment requisition, job description, salary guidelines and the required processes that need to be followed. For the School of Medicine, the requisition/s should be faxed to SOM Human Resources, #368 3013. For Other schools / departments, if it is a replacement position it should be faxed to Central Budget #368 6608, if it is a new position it should be faxed to Human Resources Compensation #368 3096. Please refer to Policy II-6.

    Here is the website for the staff requisition...

    Or you may refer to the page with all the HR Forms

  2. Who should I contact if they wish to terminate an employee?

    Please contact Employee Relations at 368-0195

  3. If an employee verbally resign and then later tried to withdraw the resignation, do we have to allow the individual to rescind?

    A written resignation should be requested, if the employee wishes to withdraw the resignation, it would depend on the Department's employment needs at the time.

  4. Can the same requisition be used if they wish to hire more than one person?

    No, a requisition is completed for each position that needs to be filled.

  5. Can the new employee’s 90 days Orientation period be extended? What is the process?

    It can be extended, contact Employee Relations at 368 0195.

  6. How do I revise posted positions after the needs of the department have changed?

    Forward an email to the Compensation Department, CC your Employment Specialist, indicating the hiring needs of your Department has changed and you wish to revise the posted position. Attach a new position description reflecting the change.

  7. What forms need to be submitted for a promotion / change time status / termination?

    For promotion, the supervisor will submit a memo of request to the Compensation Specialist with a revised job description.

  8. Under ADA laws, do we have to create a position for some who cannot perform the essential functions of their current position?

    No, the ADA law does not require creating a new position or changing the fundamental purpose of the job. The law requires that we make reasonable accommodations which may include shifting non-essential duties or reassigning an employee to a vacant position for which they are qualified.

Equity and Diversity
  1. What are my responsibilities as a supervisor?

    Providing a work and educational environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. Ensuring that members of their areas adhere to all University policies.
    Promptly notifying the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity when complaints are brought to their attention.

  2. What can I do if I am experiencing sexual harassment?

    For Faculty and Staff complaints contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (368-8877) and for Students contact the Office of Student Affairs (368-2020). These officials have been designated to receive reports of sexual harassment and will provide general advice about dealing with sexual harassment, and they will also discuss options for pursuing resolution of a sexual harassment complaint.

  3. How do I file a complaint regarding a discrimination or harassment issue?

    An employee may initially elect to discuss their complaint with their supervisor. If the supervisor is the subject of the complaint, they should automatically contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity. To initiate the resolution process, the employee must submit a written statement including the alleged misapplication of a University policy or, alleged acts of discrimination for investigation by the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity.

  4. Can my complaint be anonymous?

    Generally a formal complaint cannot be made anonymously. It is against the law to retaliate against an individual who raises a complaint of discrimination or an individual who participates in an investigation. Individuals are encouraged to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity for guidance in these matters.

  5. How may I obtain a copy of the University’s Affirmative Action policy?

    The University’s Affirmative Action Policy can be found in the Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual, Policy 1-1.

  1. What are my investment options with TIAA-CREF?

    You can allocate your assets, change your contributions, take your money with you, take out a loan, or decide how to receive the money.

  2. How do I contact TIAA-CREF?

    Information can be obtained via the TIAA-CREF website. Several phone numbers are available via the website based upon your need. A general customer service number is (800) 842-2776.

  3. How do I change my contributions with TIAA-CREF?

    Complete a new salary reduction form.

  4. Can I take a loan from my account with TIAA-CREF?

    Yes. The employee will only have access to funds they have contributed. University contributed funds are not accessible.

  1. What are my investment options with Vanguard?

    You can allocate your assets, change your contributions, take your money with you, or decide how to receive the money.

  2. How do I contact Vanguard?

    Information can be obtained via the Vanguard website. Several phone numbers are available via the website based upon your need. A general customer service number is (800) 523-1188.

  3. How do I change my contribution with Vanguard?

    Complete a new salary reduction form.

  4. Can I take a loan from my account with Vanguard?

    No. Vanguard does not offer a loan provision.

Staff Pension Plan
  1. I am a participant in the Employees' Staff Pension Plan. How is my pension calculated?

    The amount is based on your salary and years of service.

  2. When am I vested in the plan?

    Effective July 1, 2008, 3 years after date of hire. Employees who terminated prior to July 1, 2008 had to be employed for 5 years to be vested.

  3. How often will I receive a pension statement?

    Once per year.

  4. What if I leave the University before I am eligible for retirement?

    Your account will remain with the University until you become eligible.

  5. What happens to my pension if I die?

    It becomes a part of your estate and will go to your designated beneficiary.

  6. Is there a reduction in my pension amount if I begin receiving it before age 65?

    The earliest you can receive pension benefits is age 65, or if you are at least 55 years of age and have 15 years of service. If you take the latter option benefits will be reduced.

  7. What happens if I become disabled?

    No benefits are payable until retirement age.

New Employee Orientation
  1. I recently accepted a position at the University. Who do I contact to schedule my orientation?

    A representative from the Employment Office will extend offers of employment and schedule orientation.

  2. What are the dates, times and locations of the orientations?

    A full day orientation will be scheduled upon acceptance of an offer of employment. For more information about orientation, please refer to the Orientation website.

  3. Should I complete any paperwork prior to attending the orientation?

    Normally you will receive all required paperwork at orientation, along with instruction on what forms are required to be filled out and when they need to be turned in. If you are starting work on a date prior to your scheduled orientation it may be requested that you come to Human Resources to fill out some necessary payroll documents.

  4. Do I have to stay for the entire orientation?

    Yes you do. New Employee Orientation is a full-day program.

  5. What paperwork/documents should I bring with me to orientation?

    Please bring identification documents necessary to complete the Federal 1-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) form. Human Resources can provide a list of acceptable documents, if needed.

  6. How do I receive my parking pass?

    When you come to orientation you will be given an authorization form and instructions for obtaining your Case photo ID and parking pass.

Employee ID Card
  1. I've lost my card and I need a replacement. What is the process to follow?

    If an employee losses his/her ID, he/she should report to Access Services to inform of lost ID and receive a new one. There is a fee associated with the replacement.

Employee Self Service
  1. How do I access the PeopleSoft HCM website?

  2. How can I print my paycheck?

    Access HCM, go to Employee Self Service, Payroll and Compensation, Payroll Information and click on Printer Friendly Version, then select print option on your toolbar.

  3. Will I be able to update my benefits on-line?

    Yes. During the open enrollment period, you may change your benefits. Access HCM, go to Employee Self Service, Benefits, Benefits Enrollment, and click Select.

HR Shared Services
  1. What is HR Shared Services?

    Shared Services is a customer-focused approach to efficiently deliver HR services to departments and schools with more readily access to wider range of support services through and assigned HR specialist team.

  1. What forms are required for volunteers?

    Volunteer Waiver and Release form, plus the Department of Occupational and environmental Safety (DOES) form needs to be completed for exposures. Contact, Cynthia Davy, Human Resources receptionist, to schedule an appointment, 368-6964.