L.E.A.D. Certificate Program for Supervisors


The L.E.A.D. Certificate Program for Supervisors (L.E.A.D.) provides university leaders with the opportunity to increase their leadership competency through classes, individual and team coaching, assigned readings, exercises, assessments and networking.   The program strategically focuses on the competencies associated with effective supervision and leadership simultaneously.  Participants gain the skills necessary to effectively drive the performance of their teams and the success of their unit, department or division.  L.E.A.D. is an intensive ten-month cohort program, participation is limited to 15 participants annually.   

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Participants in the L.E.A.D. Program will:

  • Learn about themselves, their teams and the university as a whole
  • Engage their teams and be inspired lead & serve
  • Achieve results
  • Develop strong networks and relationships


Past L.E.A.D. Program participant statements:

  • I am a better person, supervisor and mentor to my team.

  • I understand myself and my team better and can focus on optimizing performance as well as increasing job satisfaction for my team.

  •  I have gained greater confidence in my leadership skills and have learned to address conflict and not fear it.

  • I'm much more cognizant of how others process information and how I process information. I'm much more concerned about each person's individual needs and how they are able to grow.

  •  I am much more aware of the fact that with a culturally diverse staff, I need to tailor my approach when dealing with individual team members. I also have implemented some very clearly defined expectations, and a vehicle to more formally recognize and reward good performance while also giving me what I need to be able to coach team members that may not be performing up to their potential.

  • I now understand that my type of leadership is not flawed or wrong - it's just different - and I better understand how different types of leadership styles interact and I truly understand the impact that I have on others as a leader.


L.E.A.D. Alumni Network:


Representing LEAD 1-5 from left to right:
  • (Back Row): Dave Phillips, Laura Watt, Edith Reed, Kelli Caponero, Tana Spencer, Karma Topor, Shirley Mosley, Lisa Board-McShepard
  • (Front Row): Dawn Richards, Susan Frey, Jason Goodrick, Mary Beth Serrano, Eileen Connell, Kathleen Bates, Siu Yan Scott, Diane Domanovics