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School of Graduate Studies

Important First Steps

Important First Steps

Below you’ll find important first steps to launching your graduate studies at CWRU.

  • Submit Acceptance of Admission  —  Upon admission you received an email to look at your online account for the admissions decision; the link to accept or decline admission is contained within the letter in your application.  If you have not accepted admission online, please do this now. 

NOTE: You will not be able to access your Student Information System (SIS) account and other key services until you have accepted admission online.    

  • Activate your CWRU Network ID  — Your Network ID is your passport to CWRU’s networking and computing services including Student Information System, Google Apps, the Software Center and more. It is composed of your first, middle and last initials followed by numbers (e.g. abc123).  Activate your ID using the online activation wizard.  You will need your 7-digit Student ID number, which will be emailed to you when you are accepted into the program to which you applied.  
  • CWRU Email Account  —  Once your network ID is activated, you will also be able to access your CWRU email account.  Official communications from the university will be sent electronically using your university-assigned e-mail address. 

NOTE: Once you have accepted admission online, there is a 2-3 business day delay in accessing SIS and other single-sign-on services, after activating your network ID.   

  • New Student Checklist  — This checklist will help you keep track of what needs to be completed in order to make a smooth transition to CWRU.   The checklist contains information on getting your ID card, parking, orientation registration, medical history, course registration, financial information, computing, policies, procedures, and more. Bookmark this site to keep on top of the tasks that will help to get you set up as a student at Case Western Reserve. The Checklist may give you an error message stating "You do not currently have any active checklists. Please wait up to 2 business days after you pay your deposit for the checklist to be active." Please disregard this message, the checklist most likely has just not opened up for your start term yet. Regardless of when you receive access to the checklist, please complete as many items as possible.  Also do not worry if the deadline has passed on a specific checklist item, just complete what you can.
  • Find a Place to Live  —  Most grad students live in off-campus rental housing in Cleveland or one of the surrounding communities.  The Graduate Life Living Off Campus section provides information on rental basics, off-campus housing listings, neighborhood connections, and more.
  • Explore Your New Community!  —  Check out the Discovering Cleveland section of Graduate Life to learn about the arts and culture scene, sporting events, parks, festivals, shopping, student discounts, and more.   You can also learn about getting around town, via shuttles, rapid train, car, bus, and air.


Graduate Life

Learn the basics of being a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University. Student Affairs provides information about housing, campus parking, public transportation, athletic facilities, discount programs and much more on their Graduate Life site.