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Case Western Reserve University
Master of Science in Anesthesia Tuition: 2017–2018

Tuition Rate for Summer 2017: $1,906/credit hour

Tuition Rate for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018: $1,972/credit hour

*Tuition cap for 12 or more credit hours per semester: $23,665/semester

1st Year Students

SemesterHourly RateDollar Amount
Summer 2017 8 hours @ $1,906/hour $15,248
Fall 2017 15 hours @ full-time flat rate* $23,665
Spring 2018 17 hours @ full-time flat rate* $23,665
Total First Year   $62,578

2nd Year Students

SemesterHourly RateDollar Amount
Summer 2017 6 hours @ $1,906/hour $11,436
Fall 2017 11 hours @ $1,972/hour $21,692
Spring 2018 11 hours @ $1,906/hour $21,692
Total Second Year   $54,820


Total Tuition


Additional Fees

Activity Fee: $17/semester

Medical Plan: $1,045/semester*

*If you have comparable health insurance coverage, you may elect to waive the Student Medical Plan each semester through the Student Information System by the semester's tuition due date.

One to One Fitness (Spring fee includes Summer): Fall $116 + sales tax, Spring $145 + sales tax*

*You may choose to opt out through the Student Information System. The opt-out option closes as of the tuition due date.