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PhD Program in Nutrition

PhD Program in Nutrition

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The PhD degree in Nutrition is awarded for study and research in nutrition. Areas of concentration are nutritional biochemistry and metabolism, and molecular nutrition.  Admission to the PhD in Nutrition program are obtained through the integrated Biomedical Scientist Training Program (BSTP), by direct admission to the department or via the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

  1. Click here if you are ready to apply for admission to the BSTP program at Case Western Reserve University with Nutrition as your Priority Program of Interest (or PPI). The School of Graduate Studies processes the application and includes a nonrefundable application fee. Priority will be given to applications received by December 1. We will continue to review applications received after the priority deadline, but not beyond the final application deadline of January 15. Your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee as soon as it is complete.

    Please note that our program has limited financial resources for supporting students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States.
  2. Application for the PhD in Nutrition program as a result of acceptance into the Medical Sciences Training Program (MSTP). The MSTP program is a highly selective combined MD/PhD program. Students in the MSTP Program take PhD course work in conjunction with MD course work. The MSTP students have 20 different PhD programs available to them including Nutrition. Upon completion of their PhD course work, the students will work full time on their PhD and then upon completion of the PhD return to traditional medical school to complete their MD. Admissions Information >> 

  3. Application for direct admission to the program can be done through the School of Graduate Studies. The deadline to apply is June 1. Applications will be evaluated beginning January 1st with applicants being accepted on a rolling basis. Apply online through Hobsons as a direct admit nutrition student. Apply Online >>   

In order to earn a PhD in Nutrition, a student must complete rotations in at least three laboratories followed by selection of a research advisor, completion of Core and Elective coursework, including responsible conduct of research, as described in the plan of study. Each graduate program follows the overall regulations established and described in CWRU Graduate Studies and documented to the Regents of the State of Ohio. Completion of the PhD degree will require 36 hours of coursework (24 hours of which are graded) and 18 hours of NTRN 701 Dissertation Ph.D..

In addition, each student must successfully complete a qualifier examination for advancement to candidacy in the form of a short grant proposal with oral defense. During the dissertation period, students are expected to meet twice a year with the thesis committee, present seminars in the department, and fulfill journal publication requirements. Throughout the doctoral training, students are expected to be enthusiastic participants in seminars, journal clubs, and research meetings in the lab and program.