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Provost Scholars Program

Program Summary

Program Summary

The Provost Scholars Program is a partnership between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and East Cleveland City Schools. The program was founded by Provost William “Bud” Baeslack and East Cleveland City School District Superintendent Ms. Myrna Corley, to improve the academic outcomes of East Cleveland (Ohio) middle and high school students.

Students from Heritage Middle School and Shaw High School are selected to:

  • Expand their creative, critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • Improve their interpersonal proficiencies; and,
  • Explore additional academic pathways to post-secondary institutions by forming a mentoring relationship with CWRU faculty and staff and participating in Intensive University Seminars

Program Components:

  • Mentoring Relationship: Heritage Middle School and Shaw High School Scholars are matched with CWRU faculty and staff in a mentoring relationship.
  • Pursuit of Higher Education: Provost Scholar Mentees and Mentors will have one-to-one interactions. Mentors will inspire mentees to pursue a higher education and excellence in their performance and to assume leadership roles in the school community.
  • Academic and Career Plan: Provost Scholar mentees will work with their mentors to build an academic and career plan, develop a set of goals that consist of academic, social, and cultural activities, and establish a pathway to college or technical and vocational institutions.
  • Intensive University Seminars: Scholars will participate in weekly Thursday seminars where they will receive tutoring help from student volunteers, and participate in lectures with knowledgeable speakers who have expertise in history, law, medicine, video gaming, robotics engineering and more.
  • The Parents College at Case: The important monthly seminar for parents and guardians of the program. Parents will learn new ways to support their children’s academic achievement and their pursuit for a post-secondary education and a fruitful and engaging career.
  • Collectivity and Unity: Parents, teachers, principals and community stakeholders will also work toward establishing a collective and unified initiative to inspire civic and academic innovation that focuses on supporting youth within the Greater Cleveland area
  • Safe Ride Home for Mentees: After all Provost Scholar activities, a program staff member will board the school bus and accompany the Scholars to their homes.
  • Home Visits: At the beginning of each year, the director will make a home visit to meet the parents or guardians, explain the program, and elicit their support for their Scholar and the program.
  • Oversight Advisory Board: This important partnership will be initiated during the fall of 2014 for the purpose of assuring the sustainability of the program and for infusing innovative and creative partnerships that will help to retain the goals of the program.