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COVID-19 Protocols for Provost Scholars on Campus

The Provost Scholars Program strictly follows the guidelines mandated by CWRU for visitors on campus

Procedure Upon Arrival to Guilford House (in-person programming):

  • All Scholars must verbally attest that they do not have Covid-19 symptoms
  • All Scholars will submit to a non-invasive temperature check upon entering the foyer
  • All Scholars will be required to wear a mask over their mouth/nose when inside the building at all times (KN-95 masks are provided as necessary or requested) 
  • All Scholars will be issued assigned seats in case tracking is necessary
  • All Scholars will sanitize their hands upon entering the meeting room
  • Any Scholar exhibiting symptoms while programming is in session will need to have a parent/guardian take them home immediately
  • Any food distributed to Scholars will be consumed outside of the program area and/or at a safe distance with limited mask removal
  • Scholars will use their own school-issued chromebooks for academic work