Status Changes


Student Status Changes

If you have recently graduated or are not enrolled in classes for the upcoming semester, your ID card's access will be suspended after 30 days of completion from your program. If you withdraw from the university, your ID card access will be suspended immediately upon your withdraw date. If you are still on campus (volunteering, doing research, working, teaching, etc.) and need to continue to have access to your buildings on campus, please see the information below.

Other Status Changes

Status changes within the university always require a new ID card. This is to keep your status with the university up to date. If you have lost building or parking access on your current ID card due to a status change, a new ID card will need to be requested on your behalf. Please have a current CWRU employee request a new ID card for you. There is a $25 charge for status changes to an affiliate such as contractor, or temporary worker and this fee cannot be waived.  Your department may cover the cost via Speedtype as stated on the form. (Important: You cannot request a new ID card for yourself.)  For status changes to employee, or from undergraduate to graduate student your first ID is free, but there is a $25 charge to replace any lost or damaged ID.