ID Card Policy and Procedure


All students must return their ID cards upon the termination of enrollment or affiliation with the university. If a student does not return their ID card and returns to CWRU in any capacity, they will be responsible to pay the replacement fee or return their student ID at that time.


For final paychecks to be released/mailed, all employees must return their ID cards to Access Services. If the ID card is lost, a replacement fee must be paid before the final paycheck will be released. This fee cannot be payroll deducted. 

If an employee also enrolls in classes at CWRU, they may not get an additional student ID card or swap out their employee ID card for a student ID card. Employee status trumps student status, regardless if the employee is enrolled part time or full time. If the employee leaves their position at CWRU but remains a student, only then can they swap out their employee ID card for their student ID card.

Affiliates (Temporary, Contractor, Volunteer, Community, etc.)

As with students and employees noted above, all affiliated persons must return their ID cards to Access Services upon the termination of affiliation. All affiliated ID cards must be requested with an expiration date. Even if the affiliate ID card has expired, it still needs to be returned to Access Services.

All Access Will Be Removed for Any Status Change

If a student becomes an employee, an employee becomes a student, a student becomes a volunteer, or any individual experiences any type of classification change, all current access will be removed and need to be requested again by the individual's authorized department person(s).

Replacement Cards

Only current active students,employees(temporary) may receive a replacement student ID card. Access Services will issue a replacement ID if your status with the university has changed.(student to employee and vice versa; undergrad to grad student, etc). Stolen IDs can be replaced for free (when accompanied by a full police report, pending on circumstance), but lost cards cost $25.00 


Name Changes 

Students name changed must be approved by the university registrar office. This information is sent electronically to Access Services 24 hours after it has been approved. Faculty/Staff must go through Human Resources Records office. HR will provide the employee with ID authorization to allow Access Services to change the name of an individual ID card. There is a fee to change the name on any CWRU ID card, for any reason.

Condition of Use

  1. Your ID card is NOT TRANSFERABLE and must be presented upon request to establish official University affiliation.
  2. The University is not responsible for any loss or expense resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of your ID card.
  3. CWRU ID cards must be returned upon termination of enrollment or affiliation with the University.
  4. If your ID card is damaged (including, but not limited to, holes punched in the card, bent, or scratched) or lost, a replacement fee will be charged.
  5. One card only will be issued per person and the status on the card will correspond to the person's primary affiliation with the University.

ID Card Tips

  • Do not affix stickers or other items to your ID card.
  • Do not punch a hole in your card.
  • To extend the life of your card, please handle it carefully.
  • Do not use it as a tool (i.e., do not scrape ice from your windshield with it).
  • Store your card in a protective sleeve or wallet.
  • Do not store your card with keys or other items that could scratch or bend the card.
  • Do not place your ID Card on any magnets or near the speaker portion of an electronic device, as this could deactivate the magnetic strip and possibly lead to a replacement fee.