Key Information

Get a Key

Keys can be ordered online by approved departmental designee. Departments who are unable to use the system, can request access by sending an email to


  • Copying and modification of university keys are forbidden, except by the University Key Shop. Each key is uniquely labeled to identify the keyholder and may not be exchanged with another person.

  • An individual may be assigned only one key per door.

  • A valid CWRU ID card is required to obtain a key. A driver's license is not acceptable. A CWRU ID Number, issued by Access Services with the ID card, must be included on all key requests. Any variation of this policy must be pre-approved by the Director of Parking and Transportation before picking up the key.

  • Key requests must be submitted online using the university key request system. Please allow a minimum of five working days to process a key request.

  • Keys may be picked up by the keyholder at Access Services in the Lower Level of Crawford Hall. University personnel housed in the Health Science Complex need to pick up their keys at the BRB Security Desk. Security will hold for pickup for a maximum of 45 days after email notification of availability. Security will return unclaimed keys will be returned to the Key Shop, and the department will be billed a $25 service fee.

  • The Director of Parking and Transportation must approve requests for a master or restricted key for Undergraduate students and keys issued to non-university personnel. The requester must provide a written explanation of the need for the key must be noted on the key request form. Requests to replace lost or stolen keys must follow the same procedure. Additionally, a police report must accompany the request in the case of stolen and lost keys. Please allow a minimum of five working days to process your key request.

  • The keyholder must pay a fine of $50 for the first lost key, and $25 for each additional lost key signed out to one individual must be paid at Access Services before obtaining a replacement key. The department may not cover the lost key fine.

  • All lost and/or stolen keys must be reported to the issuing department’s administrator and the Director of Parking and Transportation as soon as possible.


  • Contractors and/or outside service personnel working on campus may sign out keys daily. They need pre-approval from the department and an authorized signature from the University Key Shop with pre-approval from the Facilities Services Department or the Director of Parking and Transportation.

  • The Key Shop (not Access Services) is open for contractor key issuance and returns from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., Monday through Friday (excluding university holidays). Contractors who do NOT return keys by the due dates or lose university keys may be denied further key privileges or be fined at the Key Shop option.

  • The contracted agency will pay Re-keying costs because of lost or stolen keys by contractors.

Keys Must be Returned

Any unneeded keys should be returned to Access Services. Departments that authorized the keys will be charged a $75 fine for the first key and a $25 fine for each additional key not returned.

Employees who are leaving must return all keys. The department must sign an employee termination checklist for the person who is leaving and by Access Services. Former employees will receive their final paycheck after the form is completed and given to Human Resources. Any keys signed out to the employee (regardless of timeframe) must be returned, or fees paid before the form is signed.

Graduate and undergraduate students must return university keys before leaving. Failure to return keys will hold up the student's transcript.

Restricted Locks

Sensitive areas may have restricted locks, which means the building’s master key can’t open them. The justification for the restriction must be provided to and approved by the Director of Parking & Transportation. All non-university locks installed without approval are subject to immediate removal and replacement with standard university locks at the department's expense. Excessive issuance of restricted keys may result in changing or removing the restricted lock.

Master Key Rings

Some employees receive master key rings so they can perform their job. Individual keys must remain on the rings, and no one but the university Key Shop may alter the rings. The issuing department is responsible for the security of master keyrings when they are not in the employee’s possession.