Health Education Campus at Case Western Reserve University
March 16-17, 2020

Students who have been selected for the interview portion of Case Western Reserve University's Pre-Professional Scholars Program are required to come to the Case Western Reserve campus for this interview program.

Finalists must be on campus the entire duration of the two-day program to be considered. There is no alternate date for the program.

The PPSP Medicine Interview Program will consist of individual and group interviews as well as a schedule of events to familiarize you with Case Western Reserve undergraduate life and the School of Medicine. PPSP candidates may also sign up for an optional overnight stay with a current student.

PPSP candidates will receive details about their interviews and in the days leading up to the event.

The final selection of students offered a place as Case Western Reserve PPSP students will be made after the interview. Interviewees will be notified on or around April 1.