The Society for Critical Exchange
2005 MLA Panel
2005 MLA Convention
(27-30 December, Washington, D.C.

As an affiliate organization of the MLA, the SCE has one or two standing panels at each annual convention. SCE programs typically grow out of continuing projects that Society members pursue.

The presenters and the papers for the panels are listed below. Because the SCE attempts to devote conference panels to discussion rather than merely to presentation, we will make summaries of the papers available around 1 December 2005.

For the original calls-for-papers, click here.

Cultures of Exhibition I: National Extensions

Chair: Kurt Koenigsberger, English, Case Western Reserve

1. " 'New Journeys Every Week': Fuhrmann's Kaiserpanorama and the Age of 'Accelerated Colonialism'" Ilinca Iurascu, Comp. Lit, Univ. of Pennsylvania

2. " 'All Sorts and Conditions of Men': The Palace of Delight and the Dialectic of Spectacle and Publicity" Meredith Martin, Art History and Cinema, Univ. of Melbourne

3. "Ivory Balls and Porcelain Plates: Exhibiting China in Victorian London" Elizabeth Chang, English, Univ. of Missouri - Columbia

4. "Exhibiting the Colony, Suggesting the Nation: Japan/Taiwan 1935" Joseph R. Allen, Asian Languages and Literatures, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Discussant: Tanya Agathocleous, English, Yale Univ.

Cultures of Exhibition II: Global Circulations

Chair: Tanya Agathocleous, English, Yale Univ.

1. " 'Phantasmagorias of Capitalist Culture': Visual Technologies of Early Globalization in Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project " Rolf Goebel, German, Univ. of Alabama - Huntsville

2. "Going Postal: On Colonial Algeria" Leonard R. Koos, Univ. of Mary Washington

3. "From Rebels to Rickshaws: Early Cinematic Representations of the Chinese" Ross G. Forman, Asian and African Literatures, SOAS/UCL

4. "The Modern Historical Pageant: Commodifying Locality" Ayako Yoshino, Waseda Univ.

Discussant: Kurt Koenigsberger, English, Case Western Reserve Univ.

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