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2000 Midwest Modern Language Association Panels
New Histories of Writing

New Histories of Writing

Session I
New Histories of Writing I: Writing Sites

Lisa Maruca, Wayne State U
(1) "Business Writing / Writing Business: The Emergence of a Model in Benjamin Franklin Foster's The Merchant's Manual (1838)," John Kuijper, Case Western Reserve U
(2) Literacy, Learning, and Letters: Cora Wilson Stewart and the Moonlight Schools, 1911-1930," Jane Greer, U of Missouri, Kansas City

Discussant: Jon Klancher, Carnegie Mellon U

(3) "A Contemporary Archaeology opf Workplace Discourses," Jim Henry, George Mason U
(4) "The Language of Capital: Market English and the World Bank," J. Paul Narkunas, University of Pittsburgh
Discussant: Anuradha Dingwaney, Oberlin College

Session II
New Histories of Writing, II: Writing Technologies

Martha Woodmansee, Case Western Reserve U
(1) "Disappearing Technologies: Lessons from Print Culture for the Digital Classroom." Lisa Maruca, Wayne State U
(2) "Giant Brains: Language and Our Relationships to Computers." Bernadette Longo, Clemson U

Discussant: Lawrence Needham, Lakeland Community C

(3) "Women's Writings and Graphics: Electric Rhetoric and Digital Literacy." Kathleen Welch, U of Oklahoma
(4) "Narrating Mountaineering: The Problem of the Personal in the Alpine Club of London." Matthew Willen, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Discussant: Patricia Harkin, University of Illinois, Chicago

Session 3
New Histories of Writing, III: Workshop on Pedagogy and Curriculum

Workshop coordinated by Lisa Maruca and Martha Woodmansee


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