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The Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities is proud to present a range of public lectures, panels, performances, and special programs celebrating the arts and humanities at Case Western Reserve University.

  • VIRTUAL LECTURE - This is your Brain on Humanity

    Color Head Shot of Anthony Jack

    November 10, 2020, 4:30 PM

    Thirty years have passed since H. W. Bush declared the ‘decade of the brain.’ In that time, remarkable advances in brain imaging technology have spurred massive growth in neuroscience research. Now in early adulthood, the field is finally learning to set aside its childish ways - of credulous, phrenological, positivistic, and reductionist thinking – in favor of a more skeptical and sophisticated network view of the brain. In his talk Anthony Jack, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, explores the implications of this maturing science for the academy and pedagogy.

  • VIRTUAL LECTURE - To Be Held & to Be Seen: Love’s Moral Core & the Security of Wondering

    Color Head Shot of Jeremy Bendik-Keymer

    December 1, 2020, 4:30 PM

    In 2003, the Berkeley philosopher Niko Kolodny published an important paper in Philosophical Review called “Love as Valuing a Relationship.”  It introduced the idea, uncommon to Anglophone moral philosophy of the century before him, that love needs to be understood within relationships, not simply as a matter of desire, and that, by extension, there is a moral core to love.  The problem was that Kolodny maintained love as a practical matter consisting of evaluative judgments, and he drew on

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