Departures and Destinations: Opening Space in our Gender Imagination

Friday, October 27th 4:30 PM

Indigo Room, LGBTQ Center of Greater Cleveland, 6705 Detroit Road, Cleveland, OH 44102

If to speculate means to see things in becoming, what can it mean to see gender non-conforming lives within the process of soulful and ambiguous affirmation? Genders can be departed from as well as being destinations, and our understandings of gender can be left behind to arrive at different ones. Between departure and destination stretches a potent and powerful indeterminacy where the ambiguity and nuances of gender thrive. This year, the baker Nord Center for the Humanities at Case Western Reserve University is sponsoring a working group on queering masculinities. Its conveners, Braveheart Gillani (MSASS) and Jeremy Bender-Keymer (Philosophy) wish to open the public facing dimension of that group with a community-based conversation on gender departures and gender destinations- and all the transformations between that such movement can imply. Participants are asked to bring their own tales, photos, mementos, etc. of gender ambiguity and fluctuation for a discussion in the round about the meanings of gender fluidity and nuance, queer masculinities (including departing from masculinity or arriving at it), non-conforming gender identities, and transgenderings. Gillani and Bender-Keymer will begin by sharing some works of art concerning gender nonconformity. The audience, seated in the round as part of the circle, are invited to gradually take part in the discussion and, if they wish, share what they have brought from the concrete poetry of their lives. 

Registration requested.  Register HERE.