Pursuing a Dream: W.E.B. DuBois and His Encyclopedia

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Sep 15 2005

The Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities and SAGES (SeminarApproach to General Education and Scholarship) are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards and The Cleveland Foundation.The Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards recognize books that have made important contributions to our understanding of racism or our appreciation of the rich diversity of human cultures. Administered by The Cleveland Foundation, these prestigious awards are announced in the spring and a public award ceremony takes place in Cleveland in the early fall. This year marks the 70th anniversary of these awards.

We are very happy to welcome Henry Louis Gates, Jr. as our inaugural Anisfield-Wolf Lecturer.

The Decline of Cities and the Human Spirit

Robert P. Madison

Sep 21 2005

The Demise of the Welfare State in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Rewriting the Contract Between Citizens and Government

Kelly McMann

Sep 22 2005

A discussion with Kelly McMann.

Between Jazz and the Great American Songbook

Dana Gooley

Oct 13 2005

A discussion with Dana Gooley.

Religion and Terrorism

Nov 3 2005

Principally sponsored by the Institute for Global Security, Law and Policy in the Case School of Law, and co-sponsored by the Baker-Nord Center and the Interdisciplinary Initiative on Religion and Culture in the College of Arts and Sciences, this seminar will bring together scholars of law, religion, and religious practitioners to explore the relationships between religion and terrorism in the United States and around the world.

With support from:

Institute for Global Security, Law and Policy, Interdisciplinary Initiative on Religion and Culture

Conversations about Writing

Thrity Umrigar

Nov 10 2005

A conversation with Thrity Umrigar.

Exquisite Images: Eyeing Beauty as Beheld by the Human Brain

Sara Waller

Dec 8 2005

A discussion with Sara Waller.

The Harmony of War: Race and Republicanism in the Age of Revolution–Cartagena, Colombia, 1795-1831

Marixa Lasso

Jan 26 2006

A discussion with Marixa Lasso.

A Conversation with Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott, Timothy K. Beal

Feb 2 2006

Timothy K. Beal hosts this conversation with Anne Lamott, sponsored by the Rose Wohlgemuth Weisman Women’s Voices Lecture Series.

The Final Sacrifice: A Dead “Hindu”, A Missing Body, and a $7 Million Dollar Life-Insurance Policy

Deepak Sarma

Feb 23 2006

A discussion with Deepak Sarma.


Mar 1 2006

Produced by the Mather Dance Center, this collaborative project involves faculty and students from Case and the Cleveland Institute of Music and will explore internment as experienced by Japanese Americans during World War II and by those being held in relation to the war on terror and the Iraq war.

Directed by Gary Galbraith, Artistic Director (Mather Dance Center), Associate Professor of Dance. Project conception and original score by Mark George, Director of Distance Learning at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Choreography by Karen Potter, Associate Professor of Dance and Director of Dance, with assistance from Heather Sakai, second year graduate student in Dance and a fourth generation Japanese American. Set and costume design by Russ Borski, Associate Professor of Theater. Voice and text by Beth McGee, Associate Professor of Theater.

Enlightened Athens in the Age of Jefferson

Rachel Sternberg

Mar 9 2006

A discussion with Rachel Sternberg.

Material Religion

Apr 1 2006

Too often the study of religion has focused on religious ideas and institutions to the exclusion of its material-cultural dimensions. Hosted by the Interdisciplinary Initiative on Religion and Culture in cooperation with the editorial board of the journal Material Religion, this two-and-a-half-day symposium will explore the challenges and possibilities of the material aspects of religion.

With support from:

Interdisciplinary Initiative on Religion and Culture

The Triplets of Belleville and the Sounds of Nostalgia

Daniel Goldmark

Apr 6 2006

A discussion with Daniel Goldmark.