Blackboard as a Digital Pedagogical Tool

This essential workshop will explore tactics to effectively use Blackboard for teaching. In addition to offering participants a broad overview of the platform’s capacities, this workshop will provide hands on training in its use.

This is a two day workshop; participants should plan to attend both days. The second part will be held on January 9th.

Participants should bring their laptop.

About the speakers

Katie Skapin

Katie Skapin is an Instructional Technologist with Case Western Reserve University’s Information Technology Services group. In her role, she provides faculty, students, and staff with support for technologies used for teaching and learning; these technologies include Blackboard, Adobe Connect, and Google Apps. As a new member of the ITS team, she is working on developing her professional interests in relation to academic technologies.

Lee Zickel

Lee has developed, proposed, and been accepted to a Multidisciplinary PhD program that combines Information Systems and Organizational Behavior with Cognitive Linguistics. His work focuses on investigating the cognitive implications of small group collaboration in narrative co-construction during gameplay and explores the shifting notions and mappings of failure in non-game settings. In addition to his scholarship, Lee also serves as the Digital Humanities Manager of the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities. When donning his DHM hat, Lee is responsible for consulting on project design, guiding faculty to the appropriate service support, and raising the profile of digital humanities on campus.

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