Scholarly Publishing Today

Scholars at every stage, from graduate school to retirement, face an overwhelming array of choices concerning publication of their scholarship. The landscape of research, teaching, and publishing continues to change, and part of a successful career as a scholar involves understanding the most rational choices for publishing and disseminating ones work. Mary Francis, Executive Editor, Music and Cinema Studies for University of California Press, will discuss the publishing process, from start to finish, and take questions about changes in academic publishing today.

About the speaker

Mary Francis

Mary C. Francis, Executive Editor, Music and Cinema Studies, did her undergraduate degree in music at Brandeis University and her graduate work in musicology at Yale. She worked at Yale University Press, Oxford University Press, and Mayfield Publishing before coming to UC Press in 1999. She has recently published work by Richard, Taruskin, Dana Polan, Miriam Hansen, Nat Hentoff, Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr., Susan McClary, and Vivian Sobchack, among others. Areas of acquisition: Music, Cinema, Media Studies, Mark Twain.