High Performance Computing (HPC) Bootcamp

Carton image of various electronic devices and icons used on the internet

Location: Toepfer Room, Adelbert Hall

Big data can be considered any data set outside the scope of a person to adequately process and interpret. Many fields study existing data or data generated via collected, research study, or clinical information. However, students and faculty in English or History or Classics or Law may be interested in querying larger portions of the total textual product of humankind, sets of thousands of texts rather than dozens. Statisticians or Political Scientists or Medical Professionals may be interested in several decades worth of aggregated insurance information or voting records or medical information (textual or image-based).

Regardless of the field of study of the nature of your data, computational approaches to analysis can radically change your perspective of your data by providing access to and analysis of a far larger set of data than would be possible without computer assistance. The HPC Bootcamp is a great way to learn about campus resources.

Topics for the HPC Bootcamp will include:

  • Introduction to HPC
  • Linux introduction and scripting
  • Introduction to programming and Matlab
  • Visualization tools

Lunch will be provided.

We have designed the day to open with the introductory and general information sessions. Participants are welcome do portions of the day.