Speaking and Dying: Jane Lumley, Euripides, and the Origins of English Tragedy

February 22, 2022 - 4:30 PM

Clark Hall Room 206, 11130 Bellflower Road

Jane Fitzalan, Lady Lumley, (1537-1578), is the first person known to have translated a play in a classical language into English – Euripides’ Iphigenia in Aulis in about 1550, when she was in her teens. The play was unpublished until the early twentieth century, and has recently attracted additional attention. Incorporating reflections on the experience of a reading performance of the play, Tom Bishop, Professor of English and Drama at the University of Auckland and founding director of the Baker- Nord Center for the Humanities, looks at Lumley’s translation, its style, its background, and its cultural moment to explore why she chose this work, how she went about translating it, and why she made the choices she did in doing so.  

This event is co-sponsored by the Department of English with the support of the Stonum Family Fund.  

This event will also be live-streamed.

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