Faculty Work-in-Progress - Uses and Abuses of Mexican Poetry: Why Ángel Ortuño is (not) an Anomaly in Mexico

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April 3, 2024

12:00 pm
Clark Hall Room 206
11130 Bellflower Road

In his talk, Cristian Gomez Olivares, Associate Professor of Spanish, will trace the main trends in Ortuño´s poetry, as the inheritor of traditions that wanted to challenge the Mexican canon, and as the scathing critic of contemporary life. At the same time playful and sour, Ortuño´s oeuvre shows a renewed faith in the short poem as a literary artifact, amidst a history of national poetry that has privileged the pantheon of long, philosophical poems, such as Primero sueño, Muerte sin fin, Pieda de sol e Incurable. He will try to answer why in the middle of the chaotic Mexican life in the XXI century, a poet chooses irony and sarcasm as his main strategies of representation.

An informal lunch will be provided.

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