The University partners with three federations, who in turn work with over 300 member agencies, to provide a broad network of local, state, and national charities from which to donate. Members of the campus community who wish to donate directly to a non-profit organization are encouraged to do so. Instructions for making a donation directly to a non-profit or through one of the federations can be found on our Donate page.

Community Shares

Community shares logo.

Community Shares is the only Northeast Ohio workplace giving federation focused on advocacy and social change and is the 2nd largest such fund in the country. For 21 years, Greater Cleveland Community Shares' member organizations have worked to meet community needs and support social justice through advocacy, education and empowerment. Together our member groups work to implement solutions to community problems, with the goal of creating long-term, systemic change. While some also provide services for immediate relief and assistance, they all share a focus on bringing about change, breaking down the many barriers faced by marginalized people and communities to create a healthier, safer and more just society for everyone. They provide education, promote health care, protect vulnerable citizens, advance home ownership, train workers, build neighborhoods and fight discrimination. In other words, our member organizations work on addressing root causes of social problems, and our donors make this possible. View a list of member agencies. 



Earthshare logo

EarthShare is a federation working to raise donations for local, regional and national non profit conservation and environmental organizations. EarthShare beneficiary organizations strive to protect the future for all of us, providing vital services in the areas of environmental education, pollution prevention, recreation and trails, natural resources conservation, and much more. The Earth's natural resources are the grandest treasures we have - from Lake Erie to the Ohio River, from the beaches of California to the coast of Maine and the forest, farmland and prairie in between.

United Way

United Way Logo

United Way of Greater Cleveland is a leading convener and funder of partnerships focused on solutions for our community's health and human service priorities. United Way makes a difference in the lives of 450,000 people throughout Greater Cleveland. We support over 175 programs, of more than 130 health and human service agencies that are carefully reviewed through a citizen review process. Programs that are supported by United Way meet well-established professional standards for nonprofit management practices, financial management and service provision.