About Us

The Office of Corporate Relations at Case Western Reserve University facilitates connections that move the world forward by bringing together faculty, students, and alumni with the corporate and scientific communities. Through collaboration, these developing relationships can influence a region, nation, and beyond. 

Humanities@Work Interns

In collaboration with Case Western Reserve University’s Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, the Office of Corporate Relations works to promote viable industry opportunities for humanities undergraduates through the Humanities@Work program.  For several years, our office has hired humanities student interns to assist with administrative and marketing efforts.  These students bring analytical, written, and verbal strengths, as well as their unique perspectives, into the corporate world.  We strongly encourage all of our corporate partners to consider hiring humanities students as well.

If you are interested in the Humanities@Work interns and/or program, please contact Brian Clites, the program’s administrator, at brian.clites@case.edu.