Professor Diana Bilimoria teaches MOOC on Women in Leadership

KeyBank Professor and Chair of the Department of Organizational Behavior, Diana Bilimoria, led her first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) this summer, entitled Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change. The course, which ended in July, attracted over 16,000 students that participated from 180 countries. Thirty three percent of participants were from emerging economies.

“This course looks at the internal and external forces that shape our identities as leaders and how women and men can learn to understand and use these forces to become inspiring agents of change, whether at work or in the world at large,” Bilimoria said in a video about the course description.

Offered free through the Coursera platform, the course allowed enrolled students to participate online from anywhere. It’s a way to experience and learn from concepts Bilimoria has developed through her well-known and highly regarded management research. Her Coursera offering is the third from the faculty at the management school and eighth overall from Case Western Reserve.

This course will be offered again starting in September 8. To register, visit