Another BIG endorsement for the CWRU Boot Camp program: “I Don’t Feel Like a Dinosaur Anymore!”

Nicholette Sams Headshot

Nicholette Sams, a software development manager at Tyler Technologies, graduated in 2003 from Bowling Green State University with a degree in computer science. 

Fifteen years later, her technical knowledge was outdated, leaving her career at a stand-still. Nicholette realized that she needed to learn newer coding technologies to extend her career in web development. 

With a referral from a friend, Nicholette enrolled in the CWRU Full Stack Coding Boot Camp in July 2018.

When asked about her experience at the CWRU boot camp, Nicholette said, “Wonderful! I liked how hands-on the class was. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject. And, the group projects mirrored the work and environment in the real world.”

Networking with other professionals including the CWRU boot camp instructors and fellow students was a highlight of the boot camp for Nicholette. “I connected with our instructor and my classmates on social media after I graduated. I know that they will always have my back.”

Nicholette is also enthusiastic about the CWRU boot camp career services support. “Although I didn’t enroll in the CWRU boot camp for a career change or a new job, career services was still very helpful. I was contacted for other jobs -- even Amazon recruited me for an interview.”

With her newly acquired skills, Nicholette thinks she’s better at her job than before. “As a software development manager, I oversee a group of developers working on web technologies. I now have a better understanding of the products they are working on.”

As a result of the boot camp, Nicholette feels more comfortable working with the new technologies. “If I ever want to transition back from a management role to a more technical situation, I definitely don’t feel like a dinosaur anymore.”