What Students Are Saying

Katie Macys Headshot

Katie Macys completed the CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp in September 2023. Applying her newly acquired skills to her existing job at a computer science education organization, Katie earned a promotion. Read more about Katie's career path here

Jake Bartoletta

Jake Bartoletta changed his career path from landscaper to software developer thanks to the CWRU Coding Boot Camp along with commitment and hard work on his part. Read more about his experience here

Ryan Fearon Headshot

Ryan Fearon suggested that “It is a prime time to make a leap into the industry amidst this tech revolution going on.“ Read more here about his experience with the CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp here..


Samia headshot 2

My colleagues now look to me as more of an expert in the field,” Samia Monsour said upon completing the Facebook Digital Marketing certificate program. Read more here about her experience.


Chris Hojdar Headshot

Chris Hojdar enrolled in the Salesforce Administrator Program with Case Western Reserve University as he felt it was a “best first step for adding a new skill or opening up a new career opportunity/path.”  Read more here about his experience.

Kyle Crane Headshot

Coding Boot Camp student, Kyle Crane, shares his story of career success. After graduating, Kyle was able to secure a job and set himself on a path to career growth and satisfaction. Read more here.

Carol Kadish Boot Camp Grad

“I chose to attend the data analytics boot camp to update my skills as a business analyst in order to improve my marketability and increase opportunities in other technical industries. This program provides a wide variety of options and opens up a door of possibilities and opportunities.” Carole Kadish, Data Analytics Boot Camp graduate, showed outstanding progress in the program and was subsequently offered an opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant for the program.

Nicholette Sams Headshot


Despite 15 years of software development experience, Nicholette Sams’ skills were out of date. Read how the CWRU Boot Camp program helped Nicholette upskill. “I don’t feel like a dinosaur, anymore!”

Julie Burklund Headshot

A new job, a salary increase, plus greater career satisfaction, add up to enthusiasm for a CWRU Boot Camp experience. Read about Julie Quinn Burklund's path to success

Sam Hilliard Headshot

Sam Hilliard, Jr., IT Project Manager in Network Architecture at Robert Half Technology, joined the CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp in the Spring of 2019. Sam drove 4 hours, three times per week, to attend the CWRU Boot Camp. Read more about Sam's commitment to his data analytics career development.

Anna Ho Headshot

Anna Ho left a position with a large regional bank in 2008 to attend to family priorities. Looking to return to full-time work 10 years later, Anna researched programs that would build her skills and her confidence. Read more about Anna's success with the CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp program.

Matt Hall Boot Camp Graduate

"Programming Meets Patient Care: Why This Doctor Turned to Coding to Improve Healthcare." Read more about CWRU Coding Boot Camp Graduate, Matt Hall

Julie Novic Boot Camp Graduate

Juliana (Julie) Novic was no stranger to the classroom when she enrolled in the CWRU Data Analytics Boot Camp. Already armed with a Ph.D. in anthropology, and has worked in various universities, Novic was a whiz at time management, research, and presentations.  But there was one thing holding Novic back from the career path she dreamt about. Read here about Julie's journey.